July 17, 2021

Writ Petition: Active AEFI Surveilance and Maintain Voluntary status of Vaccines

Writ Petition filed by Senior Counsel Colin Gonsalves with the support of Awaken India Movement Team
July 16, 2021

The largest drug experiment in history

"I know that seems like overwhelming amount of information to digest, but believe me you need to digest it!" Chris Wark
July 16, 2021

PIL Manipur HC – Stay Order

Stay order after PIL filed against Manipur Government's order discriminating citizens on the basis of Covid Vaccination status.
July 11, 2021

PIL in Rajasthan High Court

The petition states that the order is arbitrary and discriminatory, violating Article 14, 19(1)(g) and 21 of the Constitution of India, 1950.
July 5, 2021

Gauhati High Court judgement against vaccination policy of Mizoram State

...As the vaccinated and un-vaccinated persons would have to follow the covid proper behavior protocols as per the SOP, there is no justification for discrimination."
July 2, 2021

Letters to Authorities Against Vaccination

Letters to Authorities Against Vaccination. Updated on 13th July 2021.
July 1, 2021

Defense Ministry Documents Says Vaccine is Voluntary

Ministry of Defence Document Says Vaccine is Voluntary.
June 28, 2021

Nasal Swabs With Nanoparticles Cause Brain Damage!

A reputed peer-reviewed research study on the harmful effects of RT-PCR nasal testing swabs. The study focuses on how these testing kits can lead to brain damage and disruption of the delicate cellular barrier in the nasal passage.
June 26, 2021

PIL – Application For Direction

This petition aims to get interim relief from vaccine mandates issued by various organisations- public, private and others.
June 24, 2021

Meghalaya High Court order on suo motu PIL on matter of mandatory Covid Vaccination policy

"Therefore, right to and the welfare policy for vaccination can never affect a major fundamental right; i.e., right to life, personal liberty and livelihood...
June 23, 2021

Yogendra Kumar (Indian Air Force Personnel) Vs Air force Of India Filed on 21.05.21

Case was taken up by Awaken India Movement- AIM & Senior Counsel Colin Gonsalves (HRLN). Updated with Interim Order on 22.6.21
June 23, 2021

The Bioinitiative Report – Bioeffects clearly established to occur with very low EMF/RF exposure

Human beings are bioelectrical systems. Environmental exposures to artificial EMFs can interact with fundamental biological processes in the human body
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