May 20, 2023

Deconstructing the Century-Old Vaccine Illusion: An Exploration of Efficacy and Safety

This paper explores the argument that the protective capacity of vaccines may have been overstated over the past century.
May 12, 2023

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates

Pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know this!
August 17, 2022

The Truth about Allopathic Medicine

The above is an extract from Awaken India Movement’s 32 page document The Truth of the Scamdemic. Read it completely to understand all the ‘Crimes Against Humanity’.
August 9, 2022

New World Order – Summary White Paper

A Summary White Paper introducing the New World Order.
August 1, 2022

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May 13, 2022

False Claims about the Indian Supreme Court Judgement against Vaccine Mandates Debunked

A landmark judgement was passed against vaccine mandates in India which has now made it illegal for anyone to discriminate between people on the ground of their vaccination status. However few people have been spreading wrong interpretations of the judgement, some due to their genuine misunderstandings, and others who are doing so on behalf of pharmaceutical companies and corrupt bureaucrats to intentionally misinterpret the judgment so that people don’t initiate compensation and prosecution charges on the criminals who enforced these illegal mandates. Below we conclusively debunk common false claims about the judgement : False Claim Number 1 The Supreme Court has not written anywhere in the order that it is illegal to discriminate between the vaccinated and unvaccinated. Reason : The Supreme Court in para 60 makes it very clear that vaccine mandates are not proportionate. 60. …in light of the data presented by the Petitioner, which has not been controverted by the Union of India as well as the State Governments, we are of the opinion that the restrictions on unvaccinated individuals imposed through vaccine mandates cannot be considered to be proportionate, especially since both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals presently appear to be susceptible to transmission of the virus at similar levels.” Some people have spread false claims that just because the Supreme Court said these mandates are not proportionate, that does not mean that they are illegal. This interpretation is false and misleading, as the Supreme Court has clearly mentioned in other parts of the judgement that in order for restrictions on peoples fundamental rights to be legal and constitutional, they must pass the three criteria of proportionality, legality and need. Relevant parts which mention this are listed below 21. We shall now proceed to analyse the precedents of this Court on the ambit of judicial review of public policies relating to health. It is well settled that the Courts, in exercise of their power of judicial review, do not ordinarily interfere with the policy decisions of the executive unless the policy can be faulted on grounds of malafide, unreasonableness, arbitrariness or unfairness etc. Indeed, arbitrariness, irrationality, perversity or malafide will render the policy unconstitutional 48. The crucial point that requires to be considered by us is whether limitations placed by the Government on personal autonomy of an individual can be justified in the interest of public health in the wake of the devastating COVID-19 pandemic. As stated, personal autonomy has been recognized as a critical facet of the right to life and right to self-determination under Article 21 of the Constitution, by this Court in Common Cause (supra). In K.S. Puttaswamy (supra), this Court laid down three requirements to be fulfilled by the State while placing restraints on the right to privacy to protect legitimate State interests. (i.e. legality, proportionality & need) While the judgment is in context of the right to privacy, the analysis with respect to the threefold requirement for curtailment of such right is on the anvil of the protection guaranteed to fundamental freedoms under Article 21, and therefore, would also be the litmus test for invasion of an individual’s bodily autonomy under Article 21. Point 3 of the Judgments Conclusion: However, in the interest of protection of communitarian health, the Government is entitled to regulate the issues of public health concern by imposing certain limitations on individual rights, which are open to scrutiny by constitutional courts to assess whether such an invasion into an individuals right to personal autonomy meets the threefold requirement as laid down in KS Puttaswamy , i.e. (1) legality, which presupposes the existence of law, (2) need, defined in terms of a legitimate state aim; and (3) proportionality, which ensures a rational nexus between the objects and the means adopted to achieve them. False Claim Number 2 In the order, the Supreme Court has only suggested that the authorities review the orders which have mandated vaccines if they’ve not already revoked them. Suggestions are not commands, hence this order will have no force to compel private companies, schools, colleges, etc to reverse the mandates. Reason: In 1995 SCC (1) 259 M/S Spencer & Company Ltd & … vs M/S Vishwasarshan Distributors… on 6 December 1994, it is made very clear by the Supreme Court that even if their words in a judgement are in the form of an advice or suggestion and not an explicit command or direction, it is a judicial order and is considered binding and enforceable through the territory of India. Link to the said judgment can be found on this link : Relevant para can be found on page 260 Point A of this link False Claim Number 3 In the Supreme Court order they have mentioned that the mandates are not proportionate only for the present time, and in the future, when govts increase testing and create more cases, authorities will be able to impose vaccine mandates again. Reason: In point v of the judgments conclusion, the Supreme Court has made it clear that only an increase in cases is not a sufficient ground for imposing restrictions on unvaccinated people, but they have stated a two fold criteria of an increase in cases AND new evidence being generated which shows that unvaccinated people spread more Sars-Cov-2 virus than the vaccinated. Hence a mere increase in cases cannot be used as the only ground to impose restrictions : v) …Till the infection rate remains low and any new development or research finding emerges which provides due justification to impose reasonable and proportionate restrictions on the rights of unvaccinated individuals, we suggest that all authorities in this country, including private organisations and educational institutions, review the relevant orders and instructions imposing restrictions on unvaccinated individuals in terms of access to public places, services and resources, if not already recalled. This false claim does not make sense even from the perspective of common sense. If the Supreme court was ok with the Govt imposing restrictions due to an increase in cases, they would’ve used the word […]
May 6, 2022

Successful Letter to Authority

Success Story of a Professor at College in Mumbai, Maharashtra regarding vaccine mandate
April 21, 2022

Doctors need to wake up!

Let us look at the impossibility of the situation in India-Bill Gates works through GAVI, and Bill Melinda Gates Foundation. GAVI coordinates with all medical boards, private stakeholders, government and media- a stated policy by Gavi itself. And Gavi is Global alliance for Vaccine initiative. Bill Melinda Gates Foundation is all about Development through “immunization and reproductive health”. Bill Gates is on record saying that he aims to lower human population by 15% through the use of vaccines and reproductive health. Bill Gates now virtually controls all policy making bodies of India. Let us not get elated by the Sanskrit word “NITI” of Niti Ayog. The full form of NITI is National Institute for Transforming India. Yesterday, we saw a dangerous transformation- WHO takeover of our Holistic Health systems, ostensibly with the blessing of PM, Ayush and other policy making bodies. Bill Gates is the largest investor in WHO. What did WHO said yesterday?-From now on, they will use AI and research, to standardise Holistic treatments. Standardised Holistic Treatment for a system of medicine that works on the principle- “REMEDY CANNOT BE STANDARDISED, and MUST BE INDIVIDUALISED”. And the use of AI can only be facilitated by repeated invasion of your body to collect blood and other samples. This again, is not how Holistic methods work. THEY ARE MOSTLY NON INVASIVE. Yesterday, therefore, was a red letter day for our grand old civilization. Thousands and thousands of years of wisdom was taken over yesterday by Bill Gates, and the wisdom was broken down in moments. Bill Gates, incidentally, is also the “largest farmer” of the US. And now, he is trying to become the largest farmer of India, through a complex setup of people like Adani, myriad NGOs, and his own corporations like the Monsanto. So, here, he has almost completed a cycle- from virus, to vaccines, he owns all the patents. And now he is destroying the biggest hurdle in his Eugenics dream of killing people. Bill Gates is also a “global leader” groomed by the WEF of Klaus Schwab- according to whom, most of us are “useless eaters”, fit to be exterminated. Oh! Bill Gates is doing even much more.He is officially releasing genetically modified mosquitoes, spraying the sky with his own concoctions to fight global warming, and introducing the “Common Core” education program for India. The current methodology of Indian government is to convert every English name to Sanskrit.So, you will hear words like “Panchamrit”, “Ganga Jal” and “Ayush”.But in essence, it means- one approach to health, one basket of remedy, and one type of education. It is a humongous task to write in detail about the tentacles of this ultimate filth called Bill Gates…but the information is all there. It is stunning that doctors and “experts” have not figured it out yet. But at least, I pinned my hope, that atleast they will figure out a out 4 things- Virus Detection Protocol Vaccine This is how it progressed, and all the doctors pushed for all the things- none of which had any credibility. I will write in detail about each one of them in some other time. But…at least, the doctors and experts SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN DOUBLE STANDARD. First, doctors shut us up by one single statement- “Are you a doctor?”By that logic, they shouldn’t be lecturing us on statistical regression models for 2 years now.I, a former project head of Data processing and analysis wing of Evalueserve, let me shot back- “Are you statisticians?” Second- Your own definition of a virus is – “A dead fragment of RNA or DNA”, and yet, every mechanism that you are attributing to this “virus” -is that of a cellular pathogen- able to walk, run, hide, reproduce and colonise.And…it is not only like any cellular pathogen. It is the superman of pathogen- it can grow extra horns, tails, hooves- and many variants of these mutated growths at the speed of light. This magic is made possible because of two tools- RT PCR, and a Statistical process called HIERARCHICAL CLUSTER ANALYSIS. Allow me to build my own RT PCR primer, and I already have SPSS software with me. I will give you at least 4 variants a day- statistically differentiable- by merely changing the cluster sizes, through fancy looking dendograms. Show these last few paragraphs to a doctor. If he has no understanding of anything I just said, then ask yourself- what enables them to weave stories on the basis of THESE EXACT OUTPUTS that are being created and recreated, merely on some computer? Bottom-line- This war is fought through the Doctors, on citizens who respect them like Gods. It is high time, they act like God- not in condescension, but with wisdom, compassion and courage. Written by Respected Sudipto Bhakta, kolkata
April 18, 2022

AIM Ground Level Awareness Activity

Use this blog as a guide to conducting ground activities in your own areas.
April 5, 2022

Information on Masks

Whether wearing mask is a clever act or foolishness? Read the booklet to find out.
March 22, 2022

60 Questions for Vaccine Happy Pediatricians!

60 questions all mothers should ask their doctors before vaccinating.
March 18, 2022

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta made overruled, false, misleading and incorrect submissions on vaccine policy.

Submissions made in Jacob Puliyel case in SC by UoI were misleading and incorrect.
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