Awaken India Movement brings together people who want to educate, uplift and spur collaborative and creative action, self-responsibility and awareness, about freedom of choice and basic human rights which are rapidly eroding. We present reliable information and resources, that are accessible to those with little scientific, legal or technical knowledge.

We are particularly concerned about health, financial and ecological crisis that humanity is facing, facilitated by misplaced and false narratives that are propagated as its cause. Our collective journey began by revealing the truth behind the "Covid-19: The Great Reset" and communicating with the public about the new norms, global agendas and authoritarian tactics that are unfolding to this end.

Our Mission:

Our aim is to awaken and empower Indians with information that will better their lives and help them build a secure and resilient nation. Our efforts are to grow nationwide networks of likeminded individuals, from every socio-economic, religious, and cultural community, who can collectively work alongside public, private and non-governmental organizations, to devise legal and practical solutions to the challenges we face as a nation, and as Humanity

No to GMO foods

No 5G

No Tech censorship

No New Normal

No Great Reset

Disclaimer :

This website and the Awaken India Movement (AIM) Broadcast Channel in Telegram are the only official channels of Awaken India Movement that communicate its work, its views and activities. All other social media handles where the AIM name appears, are not to be considered official AIM channels, as they also contain the personal views and statements of AIM collaborators and the general public, which may not be the opinions of AIM. We aren't affiliated with any political party and are a democratic and leaderless movement.