Deconstructing the Century-Old Vaccine Illusion: An Exploration of Efficacy and Safety

_”The prevailing faith in vaccines as a universal panacea for infectious diseases has not only fueled the financial growth of pharmaceutical industries but also constructed an unquestioned narrative based on contested stories of disease eradication. The Covid-19 pandemic has unsealed Pandora’s box, challenging the long-held assumptions of vaccine safety and efficacy.”_

By Pritam Kumar Sinha, Fellow – Public Health, Gandhian Philosophy
Date: May 19th 2023


The omnipresent trust in vaccines as the bulwark against infectious diseases has remained largely unquestioned for the last century. While the efficacy and safety of vaccines are generally taken for granted, recent developments, particularly the recurring infections observed during the Covid-19 pandemic, prompt a critical reassessment. This paper explores the argument that the protective capacity of vaccines may have been overstated over the past century, as a result of an emphasis on pharmaceutical profits over rigorous, transparent scientific investigation.


The adoption of vaccines as an indispensable tool for combating infectious diseases has resulted in the financial growth of pharmaceutical industries. This widespread acceptance was built on the fabricated stories of smallpox, polio, measles, and mumps eradication, establishing vaccines as an essential component of public health. However, the recent Covid-19 pandemic has opened a Pandora’s box, questioning the universally accepted notions of vaccine safety and efficacy in light of visible failure in efficacy and safety.

The Mirage of Vaccination Efficacy:

Data from the current pandemic has shown that even fully vaccinated individuals can contract and transmit Covid-19 to fully vaccinated citizens, challenging the long-standing belief in vaccines’ infallibility. The so-called ‘breakthrough cases,’ statistically significant, are sufficient to raise questions about the absolute protection provided by vaccines. Despite these realities, the narrative of vaccines providing robust immunity continues to persist, an absolutely false narrative often propagated by profit-driven pharmaceutical companies owned by Crony capitalists.

Profit-driven narratives frequently present fake or fraudulent research highlighting the benefits of vaccines, while potential limitations, risks, or drawbacks are deliberately hidden or left unaddressed. The resulting portrayal of vaccines as a flawless solution can lead to an overestimation of their protective ability and a downplaying of other necessary holistic health measures.

The Question of Safety:

While vaccines’ effectiveness is in question, so is their safety. Serious acute Adverse reactions to vaccines do occur frequently, and these instances should not be neglected or underestimated. As with efficacy, pharmaceutical corporations often highlight vaccine safety while downplaying evident adverse events due to lack of efficient proactive reporting mechanism in public domain.

While the majority of vaccine recipients do experience severe side effects and potential for such serious events exist needs to be acknowledged as part of a balanced and transparent ethical conversation about vaccination.

The Neglected Pillars of Disease Prevention:

The persistent focus on vaccines has unintentionally overshadowed other critical aspects of disease prevention. Improved sanitation, robust public health infrastructure, clean water, nutritious food, and routine hygiene practices also play pivotal roles in mitigating disease spread.

Moreover, enhancing individual immunity through lifestyle modifications such as a balanced diet, regular exercise, and sufficient sleep is another often overlooked aspect in disease prevention conversations. These measures, as part of a broad-based defense strategy, can offer protection against a range of infectious diseases, not just the vaccines driven by Crony capitalists.


Vaccines have undeniably contributed significantly to inorganic growth of pharmaceutical industries over the last one century. However, presenting them as an all-encompassing solution for infectious diseases is not only misleading but also overlooks the multi-faceted nature of disease prevention and management.

It is crucial to adopt a broader perspective, acknowledging that while vaccines are fraudulently positioned as an illusionary tool for infectious disease prevention, they are not the solution in light of evidence based scientific research. A comprehensive approach that includes good hygiene practices, healthy lifestyles, and robust public health measures is the need of the hour.

Our understanding of vaccines should evolve from seeing them as an illusion around the invincible shield to recognizing them as one tool that doesn’t have safety or efficacy for infectious diseases as per outcome of Covid vaccines. This scientific perspective will ultimately lead to a more holistic and effective approach to maintaining and promoting public health.

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