The Truth of The Scamdemic

Members of Awaken India Movement bring to your awareness through this document
fraudulent aspects of the Pandemic that are being enacted in India and across the world.
Kindly go through this document in detail. If you are implementing, any of the actions that are against the welfare and freedoms of the citizens of India that are protected by its Constitution, kindly stop those actions. If you know of others who are implementing the same, kindly tell them to stop as well, or they may risk criminal prosecution that will have severe repercussions. If you need more detailed, scientific and legal information on each topic detailed below, kindly ask us for it and we will gladly provide it to you free of cost.
AIM has 8 research teams with lots of factual material. This document is just a brief summary.

Thank You,

Awaken India Movement
Email: [email protected]

You can download the document here.

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