April 20, 2024

The Other Side of India’s Polio Eradication Story – Vratesh Srivastava

India ran intensive pulse polio immunization campaigns since 1995. In 2014, polio was declared as eradicated however an in-depth analysis reveals fact that contradict this. narrative
March 13, 2024

People’s Health Manifesto 2024

This Health Manifesto seeks to address pressing challenges faced by India in the realms of healthcare, environment, and individual rights.
September 26, 2023

Open Letter – Boycott The Vaccine War Movie

Open Letter to Indian Citizens, urging to boycott the Vaccine War movie.
August 1, 2023

AIM Position Paper – Pandemic Treaty

AIM Position Paper on WHO and its Proposed Global Pandemic Treaty
May 11, 2022

Indian Supreme Court Judgement Against Vaccine Mandates

A landmark judgement upholding our fundamental rights under article 21 and 14 and equating right to health to right to life under article 21.
June 16, 2021
Dr.Arun Sharma

Dr. Arun Sharma – Mahayoga Institute

Dr. Arun Sharma obtained a doctorate in natural hygiene from the Indian Institute of Natural Therapeutics in the year 1970, after six years of intensive training. He was the founding director of Institute Mahayoga & Natural Hygiene in New Delhi, India in the year 1982. He later expanded the organization into the International Institute of Mahayoga and Natural Sciences when he moved to the USA with his family in 1986. He has numerous training courses and health camps in both India and the US and has helped many patients suffering from chronic diseases to return to normal health.
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