AIM Position Paper – Pandemic Treaty

WHO and its Proposed Global Pandemic Treaty

A draft of Global Pandemic Treaty is being prepared under the aegis of World Health Organisation, and was issued on 1st February, 2023. This Zero draft claims to propose mechanisms to create a global framework for the preparedness, detection, response, and recovery to future pandemics. In reality, this global framework appears to be a tool for further solidifying and consolidating WHO’s hold and power over member countries, and that amounts to a dictatorship, pushing only its chosen interventions that benefit the pharma lobby.

Awaken India Movement has written a Position Paper to clearly outline the problems with the Global Pandemic Treaty and to show how the WHO is not a Health Organisation.

Please find a Covering Letter for the Position Paper in the link below. This letter can be given to local Politicians, bureaucrats and other health authorities. Please add your name, phone number and address in the letter before giving it to concerned authorities.

Please find below AIM Position Paper on “WHO and its Proposed Global Pandemic Treaty”. You can also download here.

The AIM Position Paper outlines the following:

  1. Global Pandemic Treaty
    – Purpose of the Treaty
  2. Major Concerns on WHO Draft Global Pandemic Treaty
    – Who is the WHO? Can we trust WHO?
    – Four Important Concerns Regarding the WHO Draft Pandemic Treaty
    – WHO’s handling of the Covid-19 Pandemic
    – Is WHO in the business of manufacturing Pandemics?
    – Is WHO a Health Organization in reality?
  3. History & Key Provisions of Treaty
    – History or Timeline of the Treaty Formation Process
    – Stakeholders that Build a Power Lobby for the WHO, whilst leaving out the very Public Whom WHO Claims to Protect.
    – Key Clauses in the Treaty
    – The 5 Broad Categories of the Treaty
  4. Awaken India Movement Commentary on the WHO proposed World Pandemic Treaty
    – The proposed treaty is couched in so many promises that it does not propose a meaningful, rational pandemic management method
    – Strengthening WHO Totalitarianism
    – Vaccine-centric Approach needs a review, as Vaccines have now been found out to cause over a hundred different types of injuries and even Deaths
    – Intellectual Property Rights IPR
    – Why the “One Health” Focus is a Power Grab for WHO & Pharma Lobbies
    – National Sovereignty
    – India
  5. Analysis
  6. Conclusion

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