Open Letter – Boycott The Vaccine War Movie

Summary of Open Letter: “Boycott The Vaccine War Movie”

In an open letter dated September 25, 2023, addressed to Indian citizens, “Awaken India Movement” expresses deep concerns about the movie titled “The Vaccine War.” The letter highlights the historically significant role that films have played as a medium for propaganda, shaping public opinion and influencing beliefs. The group argues that this particular film attempts to persuade the Indian public that COVID-19 vaccines were the sole solution to the pandemic and portrays dishonest scientists as heroes.

The letter raises several key issues, with an emphasis on questioning the necessity and safety of COVID-19 vaccines:

1. Questioning the Need for COVID-19 Vaccines:

  • The letter asserts that COVID-19 was not as deadly as portrayed and suggests that strict lockdowns were unwarranted, particularly for young age groups.
  • It criticizes the change in the World Health Organization’s definition of a pandemic and argues that the panic surrounding COVID-19 was fueled by faulty testing methods.
  • The letter emphasizes that natural immunity is more effective than vaccine-induced immunity and was largely ignored in India’s pandemic response.
  • The letter also raises the issue that while big money was spent for vaccine research, development and roll out, but no money was spent on research for therapeutics and natural, holistic treatments.

2. Questioning COVID-19 Vaccine Safety:

  • Concerns are raised about the movie’s portrayal of COVID-19 vaccines as safe and effective, despite the vaccines not completing full trials.
  • The letter highlights issues with the manufacturing and safety trials of Covaxin and Covishield, two prominent COVID-19 vaccines in India.
  • It cites reports of serious side effects, including myocarditis and pericarditis, associated with COVID-19 vaccines, and refers to similar concerns raised by WHO and CDC.

3. Conflict of Interest:

  • The letter argues that authorities promoting COVID-19 vaccines had conflicts of interest, compromising the science of epidemiology.
  • It mentions that public-private partnerships involving drug companies and private foundations, such as the Gates Foundation and Wellcome Trust, have financially benefited from the pandemic response.

In conclusion, the letter urges Indian citizens to boycott the movie and sends a clear message that they will not be misled into believing that the rushed decisions related to COVID-19 vaccines were made solely for the benefit of the Indian population. It expresses concerns about the experimental nature of the vaccines, potential conflicts of interest, and the need for a more balanced perspective on the pandemic.

For the complete letter and detailed information, you can visit the Awaken India Movement website:

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