August 1, 2023

Indian Bar Association’s document on WHO Crimes

The document outlines the Swine Flu Pandemic fraud committed by WHO & others.
December 23, 2021


This book outlines the reasons for calling Covid-19 a fraud and how it is war on humanity.
November 23, 2021

Maharashtra Government Order Regarding Vaccination Status For Basic Services

Awaken India Movement digs out the Maharashtra Government's public health order regarding The status of medically exempted people in the state.
November 23, 2021
mRNA Covid Vaccines And Their Dangers

COVID Jab Is Far More Dangerous Than Advertised

Dr. Joseph Mercola demonstrates how the COVID-19 vaccines are dangerous than what's advertised, in this research paper.
November 21, 2021

Detection Of Graphene In COVID-19 Vaccines – Technical Report, November 2021

A detailed technical report from the Madrid University about the presence of graphene oxide in the COVID-19 vaccines.
November 15, 2021
Challenge To All Virologists To Prove The Existence Of Any Virus

AIM Control Challenge

Awaken India Movement poses a direct challenge to all virologists who're the proponents of virus isolation to prove their claim.
November 8, 2021

Reaffirming School Mission : Schools ONLY for Education, Not Medical Interventions Reaffirming School Mission : Schools ONLY for Education, Not Medical Interventions

The below Google Drive Link contains letters addressed to all Indian State Boards including CBSE & ICSE Boards regarding no medical intervention in schools. Everyone should deliver it to their respective State Boards.

This letter emphasizes on the clarification on the purpose of school and medical interventions within the school premisis should not happen. Principals should be held accountable for any adverse incidents or side effects resulting from unauthorized medical interventions in schools. All the risk and responsibility will be of principal for such outcomes. This letter also states that the collection of students data should be stopped immediately and school must ensure and work solely on education and take parent's consent for data collection. We expect that appropriate action would be taken in this regard. The statewise letter can be downloaded from the above link and can be submitted to education minister of state, state boards, DDE, BDO, school boards and principals.

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Letter to Schools – APAAR WHO Pandemic Treaty Ultra Vires of the Constitution – 16.12.23 WHO Pandemic Treaty Ultra Vires of the Constitution - 16.12.23

The letter addresses the plans of the World Health Organisation (WHO) through its proposed Global Pandemic Accord and IHR Amendments to be in charge of World Health and the dire implications thereof for Countries' Sovereignty. It highlights worries about the accord's potential impact on India's sovereignty and citizens' rights. The accord suggests granting the WHO unprecedented powers that could infringe upon national autonomy and individual liberties. Concerns revolve around potential coercion in medical procedures, ethical violations, and the erosion of fundamental rights. Urgent attention and scrutiny of this matter are urged to safeguard constitutional values and citizen rights.

Download here.

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Clarification on the Purpose of Schools and Medical Interventions Urgent Rejection of IHR Amendments (WHA75.12) Urgent Rejection of IHR Amendments (WHA75.12)

Enclosed is an urgent plea to Shri Manuskh Mandaviya (MoHFW) and Mr. Tedros Ghebreyesus (DG, WHO) from concerned citizens and experts regarding imminent amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) 2005, specifically WHA75.12. This letter urgently requests the Government of India to reject these amendments completely.

The proposed changes would limit India's ability to respond to future health regulation amendments. We urge swift action to ensure India's rejection reaches the WHO Director-General before the November 30, 2023 deadline.

We emphasize the need for transparent discussions in Parliament and the public domain to inform citizens about these critical amendments' implications.

[Enclosures: Merged Letter to Health Minister and Director General, WHO]

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AIM White Paper – CBDC Letter: Call for transparency and inclusive processes in WHO negotiations 2023 Letter: Call for transparency and inclusive processes in WHO negotiations 2023

A Letter has been sent to the President of India and Department of Health & Family Welfare with 332 Signatures in regards to IHR, World Pandemic Treaty and HEPR (WHO) negotiations. The Letter calls for transparency and inclusive processes by Indian civil society.

WE, CITIZENS OF INDIA AND REPRESENTATIVES OF ORGANISATIONS, named below, are deeply concerned at and anguished by the lack of transparency and non-inclusive consultation processes adopted by the Union Government in the negotiations that are happening at the World Health Organisation (WHO), on International Health Regulation, Global Pandemic Treaty and global architecture for health emergency preparedness, response and resilience (HEPR). Several countries such as the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Israel and the European Union and private foundations such as Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Global Vaccine Alliance, are lobbying for their respective interests. India is yet to formulate its position on these 3 instruments, or has failed communicate if this position has been formulated. There is no discussion either in national media or in other public domains. Despite its promises of greater openness and transparency, the NDA Government continues to pursue opaque and limited consultation processes that characterize several international negotiations with other countries.

Given this starkly visible imbalance in the practice of transparency and inclusive consultation processes adopted by the negotiating partners, we demand that the Government of India immediately take the following steps.

  1. Give wide publicity and provide open access to proposals submitted to the WHO by Government of India, as well as the responses to the textual proposals  tabled by the WHO which are publicly available.

  1. Widen the Indian delegation representing India at WHO to include multi-disciplinary experts and civil society representatives.

  1. Create forums and platforms for public stakeholders and experts including civil society, academia and media representatives to submit their views on ongoing negotiations at WHO on the 3 instruments under discussion.

  1. Ensure effective public participation in the negotiations by providing timely and comprehensive information on the status and details of the negotiations and holding dialogues and consultations with public stakeholders in India at each stage so that the negotiations are informed by the views and aspirations of all stakeholders.

  1. Enact a legislation that mandates affirmation of Indian Parliament to all international treaties, Conventions and agreements.


Dr. Jacob Puliyel, Delhi, MD, MRCP, MPhil, Paediatrician and Visiting Faculty International Institute of Health Management Research   Dr. Amitav Banerjee, Pune, MD, Formerly Epidemiologist, Indian Armed Forces  Dr. Donthi Narasimha Reddy, Hyderabad, Public Policy Expert and Campaigner  
Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury, Faridabad, Ph.D (Diabetes)Feroze Mithiborwala, Mumbai, Bharat Bachao Aandolan  Yukta Mookhey, Mumbai,  Civic Activist, Former Miss World 1999, Model & Actress  
Dr. Mira Shiva, Mumbai, Public Health Physicial  Dr. Nandita Shah, Mumbai, Homeopath, Founder – SHARAN, Recipient of Nari Shakti Puraskaar  Dr. Khadar Valli, Mysuru, PhD (IISc), Millets Expert  
Dr. N K Sharma, Delhi, ND (Doctor of Naturopathy), Founder Chairman Reiki Healing Foundation  Dr. Jacob Vadakkanchery, Malipuram, Naturopath, Chairman Janarogya Prasthanam Kerala  Ashutosh Pathak, Delhi, Senior Journalist
Jagannath Chaterjee, Bhubhaneshwar, Social Activist  Dr. Lalitkumar Anande, Mumbai, MBBS, PG Diploma in Clinical Research  Kaushalya (Kitu) Gidwani, Mumbai, Indian Actress & Model
Dr. Vijay Raghava, Bangalore, MBBS  Dr. Veena Raghava, Bangalore, MBBS, DADr. Shaji Kudiyat, Kerala, BSc., BHMS, MD (Hom)  
Dr. Madhuri Patil, Mumbai, BAMS, MD (Ayurveda Samhita & Siddhant)  Dr. Abhay Chedda, Mumbai, BHMS, CCAH, FCAH  Dr. Rashmi Menon, Mumbai, BHMS, ChT
Saraswati Kavula, Hyderabad, Documentary Filmmaker & Freelance Journalist, Awaken India Movement  Rossamma Thomas, Pala, Kottayam, Kerala, Freelance Journalist  Dr. Susan Raj, Chattisgrah, BSc Nurse, MSW(M&P), Doctorate Humanities, Behavior Specialist
Nisha Koiri, Mumbai, Naturopath, Awaken India Movement  Ambar Koiri, Mumbai, Awaken India Movement  Dr. Gayatri Panditrao, Pune, Homeopathic Physician, BHMS, PGDEMS  
Prakash Pohare, Akola, Chief Editor, Daily DeshonnatiBhaskaran Raman, Mumbai, Professor, Dept. of CSE, IIT Bombay    Darryl D'Souza, Goa, Earth Keepers Connect
Venugopalan Govindan, Coimbatore, Father of Late Karunya Venugopalan (Covid-19 Vaccine AEFI victim)  

Download Letter Here:

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CBDC Fliers Open Letter – Boycott The Vaccine War Movie Open Letter - Boycott The Vaccine War Movie

Summary of Open Letter: "Boycott The Vaccine War Movie"

In an open letter dated September 25, 2023, addressed to Indian citizens, "Awaken India Movement" expresses deep concerns about the movie titled "The Vaccine War." The letter highlights the historically significant role that films have played as a medium for propaganda, shaping public opinion and influencing beliefs. The group argues that this particular film attempts to persuade the Indian public that COVID-19 vaccines were the sole solution to the pandemic and portrays dishonest scientists as heroes.

The letter raises several key issues, with an emphasis on questioning the necessity and safety of COVID-19 vaccines:

1. Questioning the Need for COVID-19 Vaccines:

  • The letter asserts that COVID-19 was not as deadly as portrayed and suggests that strict lockdowns were unwarranted, particularly for young age groups.
  • It criticizes the change in the World Health Organization's definition of a pandemic and argues that the panic surrounding COVID-19 was fueled by faulty testing methods.
  • The letter emphasizes that natural immunity is more effective than vaccine-induced immunity and was largely ignored in India's pandemic response.
  • The letter also raises the issue that while big money was spent for vaccine research, development and roll out, but no money was spent on research for therapeutics and natural, holistic treatments.

2. Questioning COVID-19 Vaccine Safety:

  • Concerns are raised about the movie's portrayal of COVID-19 vaccines as safe and effective, despite the vaccines not completing full trials.
  • The letter highlights issues with the manufacturing and safety trials of Covaxin and Covishield, two prominent COVID-19 vaccines in India.
  • It cites reports of serious side effects, including myocarditis and pericarditis, associated with COVID-19 vaccines, and refers to similar concerns raised by WHO and CDC.

3. Conflict of Interest:

  • The letter argues that authorities promoting COVID-19 vaccines had conflicts of interest, compromising the science of epidemiology.
  • It mentions that public-private partnerships involving drug companies and private foundations, such as the Gates Foundation and Wellcome Trust, have financially benefited from the pandemic response.

In conclusion, the letter urges Indian citizens to boycott the movie and sends a clear message that they will not be misled into believing that the rushed decisions related to COVID-19 vaccines were made solely for the benefit of the Indian population. It expresses concerns about the experimental nature of the vaccines, potential conflicts of interest, and the need for a more balanced perspective on the pandemic.

For the complete letter and detailed information, you can visit the Awaken India Movement website:

Download Here.

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Say No To CBDC / E-Rupee Mailing Campaign: Unlawful and Illegal declaration of Public Holiday in the National Capital Territory of Delhi Mailing Campaign: Unlawful and Illegal declaration of Public Holiday in the National Capital Territory of Delhi

We request everyone to click on the link above, of your preferred language, to send an email to the various authorities. You may click the link above to open a draft email on the mail application of your mobile phone. Please remember to add your Name, City and Mobile Number in the Signature.

Subject: Unlawful and Illegal declaration of Public Holiday in the National Capital Territory of Delhi vide Notification No. 53/634/CN/GAD/2023/dsgad iii/1802 dated 24.08.23 signed by Pradeep Tayal, Deputy Secretary (GAD)

We are writing to you to lodge our grievance as citizens of India against arbitrary announcement of Public Holiday in the National Capital Territory in view of G-20 summit scheduled to be held there. Such a notification is violative of Article 19 and 21 of the Indian Constitution. Private Shops and Businesses will be required to close down without any compensation from the Government.

Please find below letter sent by Awaken India Movement.

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Letter to AYUSH Ministry of India WHO and its Proposed Global Pandemic Treaty WHO and its Proposed Global Pandemic Treaty

A draft of Global Pandemic Treaty is being prepared under the aegis of World Health Organisation, and was issued on 1st February, 2023. This Zero draft claims to propose mechanisms to create a global framework for the preparedness, detection, response, and recovery to future pandemics. In reality, this global framework appears to be a tool for further solidifying and consolidating WHO’s hold and power over member countries, and that amounts to a dictatorship, pushing only its chosen interventions that benefit the pharma lobby.

Awaken India Movement has written a Position Paper to clearly outline the problems with the Global Pandemic Treaty and to show how the WHO is not a Health Organisation.

Please find a Covering Letter for the Position Paper in the link below. This letter can be given to local Politicians, bureaucrats and other health authorities. Please add your name, phone number and address in the letter before giving it to concerned authorities.

Please find below AIM Position Paper on "WHO and its Proposed Global Pandemic Treaty". You can also download here.

The AIM Position Paper outlines the following:

  1. Global Pandemic Treaty
    - Purpose of the Treaty
  2. Major Concerns on WHO Draft Global Pandemic Treaty
    - Who is the WHO? Can we trust WHO?
    - Four Important Concerns Regarding the WHO Draft Pandemic Treaty
    - WHO’s handling of the Covid-19 Pandemic
    - Is WHO in the business of manufacturing Pandemics?
    - Is WHO a Health Organization in reality?
  3. History & Key Provisions of Treaty
    - History or Timeline of the Treaty Formation Process
    - Stakeholders that Build a Power Lobby for the WHO, whilst leaving out the very Public Whom WHO Claims to Protect.
    - Key Clauses in the Treaty
    - The 5 Broad Categories of the Treaty
  4. Awaken India Movement Commentary on the WHO proposed World Pandemic Treaty
    - The proposed treaty is couched in so many promises that it does not propose a meaningful, rational pandemic management method
    - Strengthening WHO Totalitarianism
    - Vaccine-centric Approach needs a review, as Vaccines have now been found out to cause over a hundred different types of injuries and even Deaths
    - Intellectual Property Rights IPR
    - Why the “One Health” Focus is a Power Grab for WHO & Pharma Lobbies
    - National Sovereignty
    - India
  5. Analysis
  6. Conclusion

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Indian Bar Association’s document on WHO Crimes Letter to Dr. Rajiv Bahl, Director General of ICMR Letter to Dr. Rajiv Bahl, Director General of ICMR

This letter was emailed and hand delivered by a group of civil society members including Ambar Koiri, AIM National Steering Committee member. The following demand was made in the letter:

"A timely warning from ICMR about sudden deaths (Heart attack and Blood Clots) in all age groups due to Vaccine side effect will save lakhs of lives as Doctors will start advising Indian Citizens about the same and public in general will be aware of this fact and will start checking their d - dimer levels."

Find the letter along with Interim Application IA (St) 12276 of 2023 in the case of Smt. Kiran Yadav, Writ Petition 6151 of 2021 in Mumbai High Court below:

Download here.

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Can HPV vaccine prevent Cervical Cancer? 5G – A Health Apocalypse 5G - A Health Apocalypse

Many scientists state that cell phone radiation is harmful - 5G will add to this harm. The jump from 1G to 4G has been gradual, whereas 5G is a huge jump in technology that we will be exposed to, whether we like it or not. As per RTI replies by the Government of India, there are no long-term safety studies of 5G on human bodies and on nature such as bees and birds.

This flyer explains the detrimental effects of 5G.

Download PDF of 5G in English

Download PDF of 5G in Hindi

Download PDF of 5G in Marathi

Download PDF of 5G in Kannada

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AIM Brochure Polio Vaccines: Know The Facts, Be Empowered Polio Vaccines: Know The Facts, Be Empowered


Polio Eradication explained

Progress Toward Poliomyelitis Eradication -- India, December 1995 and January 1996

Correlation between Non-Polio Acute Flaccid Paralysis Rates with Pulse Polio Frequency in India

Hiding Polio: The Diagnosis Lie

The Truth About the Polio Vaccines – Chicago Tribune Archives

Polio eradication: a complex end game


Poliomyelitis in Oman. I. The last outbreak?

Vaccine-induced paralysis calls for action, says study

Pesticides and Polio: A Critique of Scientific Literature

Is India actually free of polio?

If India is polio-free, why are children still getting paralysed by the polio virus?

Baby dies day after vaccination

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Rejoinder: Rachana Gangu vs Union of India WP(C) 1220 of 2021 Deconstructing the Century-Old Vaccine Illusion: An Exploration of Efficacy and Safety Deconstructing the Century-Old Vaccine Illusion: An Exploration of Efficacy and Safety

_"The prevailing faith in vaccines as a universal panacea for infectious diseases has not only fueled the financial growth of pharmaceutical industries but also constructed an unquestioned narrative based on contested stories of disease eradication. The Covid-19 pandemic has unsealed Pandora's box, challenging the long-held assumptions of vaccine safety and efficacy."_

By Pritam Kumar Sinha, Fellow - Public Health, Gandhian Philosophy
Date: May 19th 2023


The omnipresent trust in vaccines as the bulwark against infectious diseases has remained largely unquestioned for the last century. While the efficacy and safety of vaccines are generally taken for granted, recent developments, particularly the recurring infections observed during the Covid-19 pandemic, prompt a critical reassessment. This paper explores the argument that the protective capacity of vaccines may have been overstated over the past century, as a result of an emphasis on pharmaceutical profits over rigorous, transparent scientific investigation.


The adoption of vaccines as an indispensable tool for combating infectious diseases has resulted in the financial growth of pharmaceutical industries. This widespread acceptance was built on the fabricated stories of smallpox, polio, measles, and mumps eradication, establishing vaccines as an essential component of public health. However, the recent Covid-19 pandemic has opened a Pandora's box, questioning the universally accepted notions of vaccine safety and efficacy in light of visible failure in efficacy and safety.

The Mirage of Vaccination Efficacy:

Data from the current pandemic has shown that even fully vaccinated individuals can contract and transmit Covid-19 to fully vaccinated citizens, challenging the long-standing belief in vaccines' infallibility. The so-called 'breakthrough cases,' statistically significant, are sufficient to raise questions about the absolute protection provided by vaccines. Despite these realities, the narrative of vaccines providing robust immunity continues to persist, an absolutely false narrative often propagated by profit-driven pharmaceutical companies owned by Crony capitalists.

Profit-driven narratives frequently present fake or fraudulent research highlighting the benefits of vaccines, while potential limitations, risks, or drawbacks are deliberately hidden or left unaddressed. The resulting portrayal of vaccines as a flawless solution can lead to an overestimation of their protective ability and a downplaying of other necessary holistic health measures.

The Question of Safety:

While vaccines' effectiveness is in question, so is their safety. Serious acute Adverse reactions to vaccines do occur frequently, and these instances should not be neglected or underestimated. As with efficacy, pharmaceutical corporations often highlight vaccine safety while downplaying evident adverse events due to lack of efficient proactive reporting mechanism in public domain.

While the majority of vaccine recipients do experience severe side effects and potential for such serious events exist needs to be acknowledged as part of a balanced and transparent ethical conversation about vaccination.

The Neglected Pillars of Disease Prevention:

The persistent focus on vaccines has unintentionally overshadowed other critical aspects of disease prevention. Improved sanitation, robust public health infrastructure, clean water, nutritious food, and routine hygiene practices also play pivotal roles in mitigating disease spread.

Moreover, enhancing individual immunity through lifestyle modifications such as a balanced diet, regular exercise, and sufficient sleep is another often overlooked aspect in disease prevention conversations. These measures, as part of a broad-based defense strategy, can offer protection against a range of infectious diseases, not just the vaccines driven by Crony capitalists.


Vaccines have undeniably contributed significantly to inorganic growth of pharmaceutical industries over the last one century. However, presenting them as an all-encompassing solution for infectious diseases is not only misleading but also overlooks the multi-faceted nature of disease prevention and management.

It is crucial to adopt a broader perspective, acknowledging that while vaccines are fraudulently positioned as an illusionary tool for infectious disease prevention, they are not the solution in light of evidence based scientific research. A comprehensive approach that includes good hygiene practices, healthy lifestyles, and robust public health measures is the need of the hour.

Our understanding of vaccines should evolve from seeing them as an illusion around the invincible shield to recognizing them as one tool that doesn't have safety or efficacy for infectious diseases as per outcome of Covid vaccines. This scientific perspective will ultimately lead to a more holistic and effective approach to maintaining and promoting public health.

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Legal Letter for HPV Vaccines “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." - Hippocrates

By Pritan Kumar Sinha

The pharmaceutical industry has long been seen as a beacon of hope for those seeking only symptomatic relief from various health ailments. For decades, pharmaceutical companies have invested billions of dollars into research and development to create drugs and vaccines that can suppress symptoms of diseases, alleviate pain, and provide temporary relief to millions of people across the globe. But as with all industries that wield great power, there is often a dark side that is not immediately apparent.

In recent years, there has been a growing concern that the pharmaceutical industry is misusing health departments and research organizations across the globe to nurture the sales of synthetic drugs and vaccines, without any regard for holistic health. This concern stems from the fact that pharmaceutical companies have been known to downplay the risks of their products while exaggerating their benefits, leading to an overreliance on synthetic drugs as the primary solution for various health problems.

While synthetic drugs can be useful in some cases to provide symptomatic relief quickly, they often come with significant side effects and risks. Pharmaceutical companies, however, have mastered the art of marketing their products to make them seem like the only viable solution. They use slick advertising campaigns, fear mongering, clever branding, and strategic partnerships with fraudulent NGOs and IGOs to create a false sense of urgency around their products, making patients believe that they cannot live without them.

In their quest for profits, pharmaceutical companies have also been accused of exerting undue influence on research organizations and health departments to promote their products. They design drug trials in a way that favors their products over other treatments, leading to biased results that overestimate the effectiveness of their drugs while downplaying their risks. This puts patients life at risk and undermines the scientific evidence based research process that is supposed to guide the development and approval of drugs.

Pharmaceutical companies also have a disproportionate amount of influence over regulatory bodies that are responsible for approving drugs and vaccines without sufficient scientific evidence. They use their wealth and power to lobby regulators and politicians to approve their products without sufficient safety and efficacy data, putting patients at risk and undermining public health.

Perhaps the most insidious aspect of the pharmaceutical industry's tactics is the way in which they promote vaccines as the only solution to many health problems even if they are not a scientific substitute for overall health and wellbeing. The focus on vaccines often comes at the expense of other important factors that contribute to good health, such as proper nutrition, exercise, and stress management.

The pharmaceutical industry's focus on profits may also be hindering progress in the development of holistic health solutions. There is often little financial incentive for pharmaceutical companies to invest in lifestyle interventions or holistic health that may be just as effective or even more effective than any drugs. This leads to a narrow focus on drugs and vaccines as the only solution to health problems, rather than a more comprehensive approach that includes other factors that contribute to overall health and wellbeing.

It is evident that the pharmaceutical industry's tactics are often at odds with holistic health. While pharmaceutical companies have made significant to contributions symptoms suppression based drugs, there is a growing concern that their focus on profits is coming at the expense of patient health and wellbeing. It is incumbent upon patients, healthcare providers, and policymakers to be aware of these issues and work towards promoting a more balanced and comprehensive approach to health that includes a wider range of interventions and solutions.

The pharmaceutical industry's relentless focus on profits has led to a narrow approach to health that prioritizes synthetic drugs and vaccines over holistic solutions. It's time for us to demand a more comprehensive approach that considers the full range of factors that contribute to good health.

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AIM White Paper – HPV AIM White Paper – Measles AIM White Paper - Measles

This document provides an overview of measles, its prevalence, and mortality rate. It also covers aspects of vaccine safety, side effects, and vaccine effectiveness. The document also gives an insight to alternatives to vaccination and traditional medicines. Media reports of vaccine injuries including lawsuits are also covered in this document.

Download here

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CBDC Flyer Conditional Acceptance of Covid 19 Testing Conditional Acceptance of Covid 19 Testing

The document, prepared by Advocate Shri Sahil Goyal, is a conditional acceptance notice for Covid 19 testing to be given to anyone coercing or mandating the Tests. Either the authority will take liability of any damage / injury of testing or may stop the coercion.

The testing swabs contain toxic materials like Ethylene Oxide and can also damage the nasal passages.

Download the document here:

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Letter for Removal of Unauthorized Mobile Towers Vaccine Injury 100 Cr Compensation Case Vaccine Injury 100 Cr Compensation Case

100 Crore compensation case was filed by Mr. Ayush R. Tiwari in the Metropolitan Magistrate 27th Court at Mulund Mumbai for injury suffered due to the administration of the vaccine, having amongst others, the death causing side effects. The Complainant is the victim of vaccination by cheating, deception, fraud and also by force, by way of illegal vaccine mandates, illegally promulgated by the Accused persons in conspiracy with each other.

Please find copy of the Complaint Here:

Please find copy of the Exhibits Here:

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Letter to Stop 5G rollout

IBA Representation Letter To PM And President Of India – July 30th, 2021

The Indian Bar Association's Letter to the President and the Prime Minister of India regarding the halt of the nationwide vaccination drive against COVID-19.
September 19, 2021
COVID Vaccine Can Cause Cardiac Arrest

Can The COVID-19 Vaccine Lead To Cardiac Arrest? New Study

A new PubMed Central study highlights how a COVID recovered patient suffers from cardiac arrest after being administered with the vaccine's second dose.
September 11, 2021
Vaccinated People Carry Dangerous Spike Proteins: New Study

Vaccinated People Are Walking Spike Protein Factories: New Study

A renowned Chinese study finds that vaccinated people are carrying dangerous spike proteins which can cause permanent damage to the vital organs.
August 29, 2021

How Reliable Is The Corona Test? Let’s Understand

This article from Go Satvik shows 13 biggest proofs about how faulty the COVID-19 test is and its inability to detect any illness.
August 22, 2021

Complaint Against Medical Enforcement In Tamil Nadu

The Tamil Nadu Reform Movement's complaint against coercive COVID measures being enforced upon the state's residents. The organization accused some notable state government officials of violating people's fundamental rights.
July 30, 2021
Children's Vaccination Is Not A Priority - WHO

WHO’S Clinical Advice On Vaccination For Children

The latest WHO advice on children's vaccination is for healthcare authorities to wait and see how much children are vulnerable to the virus and focus on vaccinating adults first. The global healthcare body also admits that children and adolescents are less vulnerable to severe infection.
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