Reaffirming School Mission : Schools ONLY for Education, Not Medical Interventions

The below Google Drive Link contains letters addressed to all Indian State Boards including CBSE & ICSE Boards regarding no medical intervention in schools. Everyone should deliver it to their respective State Boards.

This letter emphasizes on the clarification on the purpose of school and medical interventions within the school premisis should not happen. Principals should be held accountable for any adverse incidents or side effects resulting from unauthorized medical interventions in schools. All the risk and responsibility will be of principal for such outcomes. This letter also states that the collection of students data should be stopped immediately and school must ensure and work solely on education and take parent’s consent for data collection. We expect that appropriate action would be taken in this regard. The statewise letter can be downloaded from the above link and can be submitted to education minister of state, state boards, DDE, BDO, school boards and principals.

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