August 25, 2021

Legal Correspondence with TCS

A legal notice was served to TCS from IBA. Find the entire correspondence here.
July 21, 2021

Letter to Hon’ble Prime Minister

Urgent need to stop the overzealous universal vaccination drive against Covid-19
June 21, 2021

Request for Autopsy of Mohanan Vaidhyar

Following the untimely death of Mohanan Vaidhyar, a request was mailed to the Chief Minister of Kerala along with District Collector, Police authorities and various other authorities under the Collectorate, to conduct an autopsy of Mohanan Viadhyar. The communication included the steps to be followed for autopsy and to revalidate the Covid Test with Viral culture due to the limitations of RT-PCR. A communication regarding these limitations has also been sent to ICMR.
June 13, 2021

Clarification on Mandatory Vaccination to buy Term Policy

Based on the media reports of Covid Vaccination being made mandatory to buy/avail benefits of Term Policy life insurance products, AIM sought clarifications from the CEO of Tata AIA Life Insurance - Mr. Tahilyani. He confirms his commitment to constitutional liberties in not making Covid Vaccination mandatory for availing any of its product benefits .
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