April 20, 2024

Schools are not Vaccination Camps

Schools are meant for Education only
April 4, 2024

Reality of Polio Vaccination Drive

Reality of Polio Vaccination Drive
December 29, 2021

Letter to Schools

Letter for schools regarding Covid vaccines for children
December 28, 2021

Complaint for Force Vaccination

Draft of a complaint to be filled by a person who is forced to take vaccine or is vaccinated by using force.
December 23, 2021

Encephalitis: Know the Facts, Be Empowered Encephalitis: Know the Facts, Be Empowered

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Schools are not Vaccination Camps GM HT Mustard GM HT Mustard

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Food Fortification in India The Other Side of India’s Polio Eradication Story The Other Side of India's Polio Eradication Story

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DPT Vaccines – Know the Facts, Be Empowered Chicken Pox Vaccine – Know the Facts, Be Empowered Chicken Pox Vaccine - Know the Facts, Be Empowered

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Indian Evidence Act – Nipah Virus Polio Vaccine – Know The Facts, Be Empowered Polio Vaccine - Know The Facts, Be Empowered

Polio Vaccines - Know the Facts, Be Empowered

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Reality of Polio Vaccination Drive MR Vaccination: Be Empowered, Know The Facts MR Vaccination: Be Empowered, Know The Facts

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Are Indian girls Guinea pigs for HPV vaccine Research & Testing? Say No to cultivating GM Mustard Say No to cultivating GM Mustard

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Say No to GM Mustard Deaths following routine childhood vaccines – Monthly Data Deaths following routine childhood vaccines - Monthly Data

Deaths following routine childhood vaccination.

Check https://t.me/IndiasForgottenBabies for details.

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HPV Vaccine Fliers: Be Empowered, Know The Facts People’s Health Manifesto 2024 People's Health Manifesto 2024

This Health Manifesto seeks to address pressing challenges faced by India in the realms of healthcare, environment, and individual rights. The document focuses on countering global health conglomerates' influence, biotechnology-based health solutions, and other factors contributing to a health crisis. Alarming health statistics, coupled with concerns arising from the management of the Covid-19 epidemic, underscore the need for a comprehensive approach to shape the future of health in India.

This Health Manifesto envisions a future where Indian citizens actively participate in shaping health policies, emphasizing individual rights, environmental sustainability, and transparent governance. By adopting these proposed measures, India can pave the way for a healthier, more resilient nation.

Key Takeaways:

The manifesto highlights critical health issues such as rising chronic diseases, infertility rates, and the potential impact of global organizations on health policies. It emphasizes the importance of prioritizing science and health over business goals and challenges the imposition of health policies from external entities.

Proposed Health Measures:

To enhance the health of the Indian population, the manifesto advocates for measures including safe and diverse food production, regulation of processed foods, clean drinking water, environmental protection, and the restriction of high-frequency wireless systems. It also emphasizes the importance of monitoring morbidity and conducting research studies to assess the efficacy of healthcare treatments.

Protection of Patient Rights:

The manifesto outlines measures to protect individual bodily rights, emphasizing informed consent for medical procedures. It ensures citizens' right to choose their medical system, and it opposes linking medical status to education, social benefits, or entry into public spaces.

Transparency and Accountability:

To ensure transparency, the manifesto proposes a prescription audit system, informed consent for medical approvals, and the prohibition of emergency use authorization for mass medical interventions. It calls for public disclosure of information regarding drugs and vaccines and the establishment of a public portal for reporting adverse effects.

School-Based Medical Measures:

The manifesto prohibits the coercion of schools and public spaces for medical interventions, ensuring adequate emergency response resources and full disclosure before administering medications. It emphasizes unbiased science education in schools.

Regulation of Medical Administration:

Regulatory measures include the strict implementation of the Clinical Establishment Act for private hospitals, auditing subsidies for pharma and biotech companies, and the decentralization of health services to local bodies. Mental health programs and integrative healthcare solutions are prioritized.

Policy Adoption:

The manifesto proposes enforceable patient rights laws, a moratorium on GM crops, stringent scrutiny of food imports, and a ban on gene editing in agriculture and health. With respect to vaccines, the Health Manifesto advocates for a thorough review and rationalization of immunization programs, ensuring transparent public consultation, judicial recourse for vaccine injuries, and robust safeguards against conflicts of interest. The manifesto seeks to establish a vaccine policy that prioritizes public safety, accountability, and democratic decision-making by adhering to scientific, evidence-based and validated applications. The manifesto also calls for parliamentary debates on international treaties and agreements and rejects the influence of unelected supra-national organizations.

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Letter to MoHFW – HPV Vaccine Roll Out AIM White Paper – Polio AIM White Paper - Polio

The whitepaper covers disease overview, prevalence, vaccines & vaccine safety, side effects, lawsuits, media coverage of vaccine injuries.

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Reaffirming School Mission : Schools ONLY for Education, Not Medical Interventions Letter to Schools – APAAR Letter to Schools - APAAR

This letter has been prepared by Advocate Sahil Goyal and AIM Team. The letter addresses concerns regarding data privacy and consent related to initiatives such as APAAR, Digilocker, AADHAR, and Academic Bank of Credits. It emphasizes the refusal to participate in these programs due to potential privacy risks, urging the educational institution to respect these preferences and take appropriate actions.

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WHO Pandemic Treaty Ultra Vires of the Constitution – 16.12.23 Clarification on the Purpose of Schools and Medical Interventions Clarification on the Purpose of Schools and Medical Interventions

The Department of Education has been asked to look into the following points:

a. The directives be stopped for school vaccination & drug programs as side
effects are real, not rare.
b. The collection of health data of children should be stopped, since data can
be misused, like it is happening with Aadhar.
c. Matters of Health have to be voluntary and as per parents’ discretion since
they carry the responsibility for their children and these medical products are
not entirely safe.
d. It is an unnecessary risk & responsibility on principals & school systems
to carry any of the liabilities.

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Urgent Rejection of IHR Amendments (WHA75.12) AIM White Paper – CBDC AIM White Paper - CBDC

In this document we will go in depth and try to shed light on how a CBDC is a weapon of control, guised as a convenient utility and that its harmful effects far outweigh any minor convenience advantages that it may or may not have over already prevailing systems such as net-banking and UPI.

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Letter: Call for transparency and inclusive processes in WHO negotiations 2023 CBDC Fliers CBDC Fliers

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Open Letter – Boycott The Vaccine War Movie Say No To CBDC / E-Rupee Say No To CBDC / E-Rupee

Flyer explaining dangers of CBDC and how to fight it.

Download ENG_Flyer here

Download TEL_Flyer_here

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Mailing Campaign: Unlawful and Illegal declaration of Public Holiday in the National Capital Territory of Delhi

Union Government Counter Reply Filed On November 29th, 2021

The Indian government's counter reply in Supreme Court against vaccine mandates on November 28th, 2021. The government emphasised on how the vaccine is not linked with any essential services and benefits.
November 23, 2021

Maharashtra Government Order Regarding Vaccination Status For Basic Services

Awaken India Movement digs out the Maharashtra Government's public health order regarding The status of medically exempted people in the state.
November 23, 2021
mRNA Covid Vaccines And Their Dangers

COVID Jab Is Far More Dangerous Than Advertised

Dr. Joseph Mercola demonstrates how the COVID-19 vaccines are dangerous than what's advertised, in this research paper.
September 11, 2021
Vaccinated People Carry Dangerous Spike Proteins: New Study

Vaccinated People Are Walking Spike Protein Factories: New Study

A renowned Chinese study finds that vaccinated people are carrying dangerous spike proteins which can cause permanent damage to the vital organs.
July 30, 2021
Children's Vaccination Is Not A Priority - WHO

WHO’S Clinical Advice On Vaccination For Children

The latest WHO advice on children's vaccination is for healthcare authorities to wait and see how much children are vulnerable to the virus and focus on vaccinating adults first. The global healthcare body also admits that children and adolescents are less vulnerable to severe infection.
July 17, 2021

Vaccines Not Mandatory For Students: Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister

Dr. CN Ashwath Narayan, Karnataka's Deputy Chief Minister says that vaccination is voluntary for students in the state. It serves as a starking example before all the vaccine mandates imposed in several other Indian states.
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