Questions for the Government in Rajya Sabha & Lok Sabha

Please feel free to use the following text while communicating with elected officials:

Dear Honorable MP,

We are writing this from Awaken India Movement (AIM), which is an informal organization of tens of thousands of informed individuals throughout India who have been alerting their fellow Indians about the incongruities and anomalies in the official covid narrative. We request you to visit our site,, to learn more.

We are writing this to seek your help in raising certain important questions and points for discussion in Parliament during the ongoing Winter session. Please see the attached file, wherein we have put together 50 questions to be posed. They are categorized in buckets such as masks, vaccines, testing, and so on.

We believe all of them will make the government and its agencies uncomfortable.

Please support us to eliminate the oppression of Indian citizens that has been going on for the past 20 months. Indian lives are precious and the livelihoods, freedoms, bodily autonomy of Indians need to be reinstated on an urgent basis.

Thank you

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