Since 2020, our world has changed in unthinkable ways. Never before in history was there such a full-fledged assault on human rights at such a global scale, in the form of mandatory testing, mandatory mask wearing, total lockdown of the country, forced quarantine, mandatory vaccination and absolute ransacking of our bodily autonomy.

All this was approved and propagated under the false claims of keeping people safe, from a supposed infection (if you believe there is a virus) with a survival rate of above 99.9% (for majority of the population as per CDC data). The basic premise of this lie was – asymptomatic transmission (you can be carrying an infection and passing it to others even when you are perfectly healthy like a silent bioterrorist) and RTPCR testing (the inventor of the test Kary Mullis had clearly stated this can never be used to detect presence of an infection). We still recall with horror those chilling videos, where more than excessive force was used by the police on its own citizens, for not wearing a mask, even when there has been no conclusive study (ICMR had confirmed in a RTI that it has done no such studies) suggesting masks are any useful, in fact the reverse has been proven true (see Danmask Study). The vaccines have been a total scam, with all sorts of controversies ranging from deliberate lack of proper testing, obfuscating testing data, presence of lethal contaminants, no immunity against COVID, absolutely no protection from infection transmission and finally, causing hundreds of thousands of sudden deaths in otherwise healthy adults, worldwide. Myocarditis/ Heart Attacks/Strokes have seen an order of magnitude increase, globally as well as in India, and it can only be explained as an adverse effect of the vaccine.

The agendas behind this carefully planned Scamdemic is to use the sweeping powers under a Pandemic situation to usher in the coercive regime of a totalitarian state of the New World Order, with vaccine passports being an enabler of this shift.

Download here PDF of NWO in english

Download here PDF of NWO in hindi

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