‘Mothers Against Mandatory Vaccines: towards health freedom and informed medical consent’

18th December 2020: After organising four successful peaceful protests, and two educational public events, Awaken India Movement is hosting a panel of’ Moms Against Mandatory Vaccines’, on Friday 18th December, in Mumbai. The topic of the event is focused on one of the core motivations of the citizen group, ‘towards health freedom and informed medical consent to protect children and families.’ The event will see mothers including Nisha Koiri, Sapna Chhetija, Sunita Singh, Vandana Pawar, retired martial arts and civil defence teacher Ghazala Azad, social workers Varsha Vidya Vilas and Nafisa Colombowama sharing their stories, asking key questions, and offering advice for parents everywhere, based on scientific research, published data and their lived experiences. 

In India over a 10 year period 10,612 children have died after government vaccination programmes, around 600,000 adverse effects occur every year. Now, as covid-19 vaccine trials progress rapidly, and pro-vaccination media messaging increases, the BMC too is amplifying their efforts to promote vaccine uptake and acceptance, and combat so-called ‘anti-vaccination’ sentiments. This comes in the wake of multiple medical experts, epidemiologists, doctors, activists and citizens publicly voicing concerns about covid-19 vaccine safety issues and serious adverse events taking place during clinical trials which aren’t being paused. There is a growing chorus of parents and citizens demanding their right to medical freedom and informed consent, insisting that the government must not make vaccination mandatory for Covid-19. 

Naturopath & Sales Director Nisha Koiri says, “It is my primary responsibility as a Naturopath to make people aware of the natural healing capacity of our own body, which we humans have primarily forgotten. As Gandhiji said – vaccination is a barbarous practice and it contains filth which in no circumstances should be allowed inside our God-gifted body. Mothers should pay attention because our family is definitely our responsibility, not the government’s.”

“I, Sapna Chhetija, am here as a Mother to share my daughters and others’ stories of suffering by vaccines. I appeal to all Mothers to question their pediatricians for all the possible information about the science of vaccines and their ingredients. Ask them if they would take responsibility for the possible adverse effects [of vaccines] on health and life of their children. The future of our children is at stake here. I declare my and my child’s right to health freedom and our bodies. My Family, Our Health, Our Choice, Our Responsibility,” said Sapna Chhetija, member of Awaken India. 

Sunita Singh appeals, “I am taking part in this event to create awareness worldwide..I would like to say to all mothers out there – not to believe blindly, and to research on their own for the health of their loved ones. They should pay attention for their own children’s future and to uncover the truth for others as well.”

Replying to the Delhi High Court ruling that vaccine adverse effects should be advertised, the Government had replied, it would be difficult to meet vaccine targets if that is done because if adverse effects are known no one would vaccinate. Given the history of the polio vaccine causing paralysis in children in India and in Africa, and the rising cases of cancer and autism in children, mothers from all walks of life have come together to stand for their human right to medical freedom, informed consent, access to transparent infromation and data, and to protect their children as they deem fit. 

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