Mailing Campaign to PM and President

Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji,
South Block , Raisina Hill
New Delhi-110011

Dear Sir,

Please find letter from Indian Lawyers and Human Rights
Activists Association in the link below:

We request you to pass the following orders immediately:

(i) Prosecution of persons/officers culpable of death of 8 minor girls as per the 72nd Report of the Parliamentary Committee and for their role in delaying prosecution of accused culprits and Pharma Mafia under IPC 218, 201,302, 304, 409,120(B), 34 etc.

(ii) To initiate legal action against the infamous ‘Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’, which runs a criminal conspiracy under the guise of charity to help vaccine and pharma mafias, and to seek immediate closure of their related schemes and operations by blacklisting them through legal and court approved sanctions.

(iii) To order strict legal action under various sections IPC 115, 307, 409, 120(B), 34 etc. to act against; Bill Gates, the main accused and senior officials of the health department and ministers involved in the conspiracy, who were responsible for physically damaging more than 4,50,000 children and crippling them for life by taking an unscientific and illogical decision to increase the dose of polio and to ensure that the benefits are accrued to the pharma mafia.

(iv) To instruct the government of India to reject the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) considering their loss of credibility and exposure from the affidavits filed in court by the Government of India that reveal the connivance and criminal conspiracy by the WHO with the deliberate intent to mislead governments by providing false reports and by associating with pharma industrial complex to provide undue benefits to such companies at the cost of the lives and liberties of the citizens of the world by enslaving them and pushing them to the brink of poverty and eventual death.

(v) To prosecute and call for the immediate dismissal the authorities, officials and ministers responsible for the making rules that promoted unscientific, illegal, and illogical Covid measures to give crores of undue benefit to pharma and vaccine companies, and by suppressing information of the side effects of the vaccines that resulted in the death of people or rendered them handicapped for life, for hardships and economic loss of thousands of crores faced by the citizens of the country. To register an FIR under sections 166, 167, 109, 115, 302, 304, 409, 120 (B), 34 etc of the IPC and also to order a CBI probe and order the Enforcement Directorate (ED) to investigate the matter in detail.

(vi) To order and compensate the victims of Covid vaccines an amount of up to Rs 2 crore per person for the serious side effects causing disability and to provide an interim amount of Rs. 25 crores to those families of those whose members have died from taking the vaccines and to setup a special “Tribunal” on the model of other countries to enable such persons to file litigation against the guilty Pharma companies and receive full compensation.

If action is not taken on this complaint within 7 days, then we will forced to move the respected High Court and the Supreme Court to file an appeal and/or resort to mass agitation across the country as remedial steps.

We sincerely hope, you consider the lives of the citizens of the country more valuable than the profits of the vaccine mafia.


<Phone Number>

Download the complaint here.

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