Letter to Ms. Swati Maliwal regarding Sudden deaths due to cardiac arrests

Dear Ms. Swati Maliwal,
Chairperson, Delhi Commission of women,
New Delhi -02,

Dear Madam,

Please go through the attached letter which will prove to you beyond any doubt that the cardiac arrests deaths are due to the side effects of covid-19 vaccines – mainly Myocarditis -and not due to the long term effects of covid disease. The letter has all the authentic data from WHO, CDC, GOI etc.

Please note that the entire data of vaccine recipients data is linked with Aadhar and ICMR can easily find out that the people who are dying without warning/cardiac arrests are vaccinated or unvaccinated.

You are therefore requested to give this additional letter to ICMR with the above facts and ask them to give the report asap.

Yours Sincerely,

For Awaken India Movement
Ambar Koiri
NSC Member
Team AIM

Download Letter_to_Ms_Swati_Maliwal

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