Gauhati High Court judgement against vaccination policy of Mizoram State

As stated in the Gauhati High Court judgement in the words of Honorable Judges:-

“….. even persons who have been vaccinated can still be infected with the covid virus, which would in turn imply that vaccinated persons who are covid positive, can also spread the said virus to others. …..Thus, even a vaccinated infected covid person can be a super-spreader. If vaccinated and un-vaccinated persons can be infected by the covid virus and if they can both be spreaders of the virus, the restriction placed only upon the un-vaccinated persons, debarring them from earning their livelihood or leaving their houses to obtain essential items is unjustified, grossly unreasonable and arbitrary. ……As the vaccinated and un-vaccinated persons would have to follow the covid proper behavior protocols as per the SOP – (Standard Operating Procedure dated 29.06.2021), there is no justification for discrimination.”

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