Complaint Letter for Masks

This is a draft complaint letter to be sent to District Collector, Superintendent of Police, Chief Medical Officer and any other authorities imposing mask mandates and fines.


  1. Avoidance of illegal enforcement of mask mandates through violation of sections 38 and 39 of the Disaster Management Act, 2005 by the Government of Maharashtra despite advisory by the Central Government that wearing of masks is not mandatory. Prevention of offences under Sections 166, 120 (B), 34 and Sections 51 (B), 55 of the said Disaster Management Act;
  2. Filing of offenses under Sections 341, 342, 220, 385, 120 (B), 34 and 109 on marshals / officers / employees for illegally detaining citizens and imposing penalty for not wearing masks.

  3. If the orders and evidence of the Central Government are wrong and the Government of Maharashtra has the right to go against the Central Government and make rules, then to take appropriate legal action against me for not wearing a mask.

Please download the draft complaint letter below:

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