Civil Writ Petition filed to Quash Mandatory Vaccinations for Mumbai Local Train Travel

Awaken India Movement & Indian Bar Association

Civil Writ Petition filed by AIM National Steering Committee Member Yohan Tengra to Quash Mandatory Vaccinations for Mumbai Local Train Travel, which is Discriminatory, Illegal, Unconstitutional & Violative of Fundamental Human Rights.

2nd Writ Petition is filed in the Bombay HC against the unscientific, arbitrary and unconstitutional circulars issued by the Government of Maharashtra regarding Mandatory Vaccine for Train Travel from the 15th of August onwards, as well as requirement to work in shops & restaurants, to enter malls, along with the requirement for Mandatory RT-PCR or 2 doses of Vaccination to enter the state.

Download the petition, read it and share it far and wide, as there is a lot of hard evidence and solid scientific proofs included inside. 

You can access the document here.

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