April 3, 2021

WHOs Advice on the use of masks

WHOs Advice on the use of masks in the context of Covid19 pdf (Pgs. 6-8) Advice to decision makers on the use of masks for the general public As per the WHO:The potential harms and risks of mask and respirator use in the health facility setting include: Contamination of the mask due to its manipulation by contaminated hands Potential self-contamination that can occur if medical masks are not changed when wet, soiled or damaged; or by frequent touching/adjusting when worn for prolonged periods Possible development of facial skin lesions, irritant dermatitis or worsening acne, when used frequently for long hours Discomfort, facial temperature changes and headaches from mask wearing False sense of security leading potentially to reduced adherence to well recognized preventive measures such as physical distancing and hand hygiene;and risk-taking behaviours Difficulty wearing a mask in hot and humid environments Possible risk of stock depletion due to widespread use in the context of universal masking and targeted continuous mask use and consequent scarcity or unavailability for health workers caring for COVID 19 patients and during health care interactions with non-COVID-19 patients where medical masks or respirators might be required At present there is only limited and inconsistent scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of masking of healthy people in the community to prevent infection with respiratory viruses, including SARS-CoV-2 Fabric masks are not regulated as protective masks or part of the PPE directive. One study that evaluated the use of cloth masks in a health care facility found that health care workers using 2 ply cotton cloth masks (a type of fabric mask) were at increased risk of influenza-like illness compared with those who wore medical masks
January 18, 2021

Nationwide protests in India against mandatory Covid-19 restrictions

9th January, 2021: We call upon all Indians to awaken to the threat of the massive vaccine fraud being perpetrated on the Indian people & thus organise Nationwide Protests on the 9th of January in our cities, towns, villages, in our fields & factories, in our schools & colleges.  Today the reality is that people are more scared of taking the vaccines than they are of Covid-19. We thus demand complete transparency on all Covid-19 Vaccine Human Trial Data, so as to build a standard mechanism of “Informed Medical Consent” for Covid Vaccine acceptance, or its outright rejection, as we Indians refuse to be used & abused as experimental lab rats for the Pharmaceutical Corporations. We also condemn the fraudulent & criminal trials conducted upon the people of Bhopal, who were already victims of the Union Carbide Gas Tragedy of 1984. Once again these people are being victimised & used upon in this nefarious and diabolical form of human experimentation. Since there clearly aren’t enough volunteers for these trials, they are entrapping the people from the bastis & slums, with lies & financial inducements. Those part of the Bhopal trials were told that they were being given medicine to prevent Covid-19 infection & were not told that they were part of an experimental clinical trial. Yet the Government sides with the Bill Gates Foundation funded Pharma companies, the same Bill Gates who has a history of indulgence in fraudulent medical activities in India & across the world. The latest news whereby the Covishield (Oxford-AstraZeneca / Serum Institute of India) & Covaxin (Bharat Biotech-ICMR) Covid Vaccines have been cleared without start / completion of 3rd phase of human trial, under the nomenclature of “Clinical Trial Usage Mode” and the “Emergency Usage Authorisation” is very worrying. Hence, when efficacy has not been proven for the latter, how can the DCGI approve this vaccine under Emergency Use Authorization?  Side effects in the safety trials of Oxford/AstraZeneca Vaccine have been systematically covered up and statistical manipulation has been used to portray the vaccines as safe & effective when they aren’t. Severe adverse events like transverse myelitis, partial facial paralysis, anaphylatic reactions, stoppage of the menstrual cycle, and even death have been faced by many vaccine trial volunteers. All these clearances have been given on pretext of an unproven Pandemic and hence under the guise of protecting wider public interest, which itself is utterly bizarre, dangerous and cause for great concern for every Indian citizen. Under which Law, which Executive Order? As for the much used terms, “Emergency Usage Authorisation”, & the “Clinical Trial Usage Mode”, these are both a diabolical mystery. The Government, the Pharma Vaccine manufacturers, the Corporate Media need to tell us, as to under which law, which executive act, is the Vaccine rollout being mandated under these supposed emergency conditions & vague opaque terminologies. Nobody seems to care & the people are not being informed. Vaccines are Safe? Then why no legal accountability and no legal provision of compensation for the Adverse Effect Victims? Worse, even as both Serum Institute of India, Oxford/Astra Zenaca & Bharat Biotech, including Pfizer, Moderna, GlaxoSmithKline & others claim to be totally safe, with now ridiculous pronoucements from 110% to 200%, these are no more than lying desperate claims. Yet, since the Government & the Pharma companies are so confident of the safety of the Vaccines trial results, they must immediately declare that the Pharmaceutical-Vaccine manufacturers will be legally liable & accountable to face the Courts, as well as pay adequate compensation for Vaccine induced & related adverse effects, deaths, damages & injuries.  It is highly questionable and suspicious as to why the CEO of Serum Institute of India, Adar Poonawalla, has come out publicly and asked the Government to exempt them of any legal liability?  This was all said on the background that even before the trials are over, more than 5 Crore doses are ready! Ridiculous indeed! So the final vaccine product is already ready & stored, ready to be rolled out and given to hundreds of millions of Indians! These trials worldover are a mere eyewash! As stated by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) – “the mantra of a highly successful trial, is in the trial design itself.” Serum Institute has millions of doses ready since months, thanks to funding given to them by none other than Bill Gates, who is connected with all Covid Vaccine manufacturing companies & institutions the worldover. Gates is their funder and also this so-called Philanthro-Capitalist is the primary influencer of the World Health Organisation (WHO), in capacity as its biggest donor via his numerous medico-health ventures and partners.  Most importantly, Soumya Swaminathan, currently the Chief Scientist at the WHO and ex-Director General at ICMR, has publically stated that there is no evidence that the vaccines will prevent transmission of the virus or infection, an astounding statement indeed!! Hence, any reason to force vaccines on people for the greater good in the name of herd immunity & protecting the elderly and the immune compromised gets completely diluted! Thus any kind of impositions of restrictions on people via health passports/vaccine certificates for people who refuse the vaccine (as has been stated by members from the Health ministry), is unscientific, unconstitutional & entirely fraudulent. The supposed Corona Emergency is long over. It’s been clear from the recent elections held in Bihar, Hyderabad, J&K, to the ongoing massive Farmers protests that the Covid-19 threat is long gone & there is no longer an emergency in our country. We are all being clearly lied to. Thus with no public emergency situation, why the need for Emergency Authorisation Usage, why the rush to unleash these vaccines, which will create health conditions far worse than the Covid situation. With 1.5 lakh deaths out of 135 crores people in India, the mortality rate is mere 0.01% and with 1 crore infections out of a population of 135 Crores, equal to less than 1% – this was never a Pandemic in reality. And to make it […]
January 18, 2021

‘Mothers Against Mandatory Vaccines: towards health freedom and informed medical consent’

18th December 2020: After organising four successful peaceful protests, and two educational public events, Awaken India Movement is hosting a panel of’ Moms Against Mandatory Vaccines’, on Friday 18th December, in Mumbai. The topic of the event is focused on one of the core motivations of the citizen group, ‘towards health freedom and informed medical consent to protect children and families.’ The event will see mothers including Nisha Koiri, Sapna Chhetija, Sunita Singh, Vandana Pawar, retired martial arts and civil defence teacher Ghazala Azad, social workers Varsha Vidya Vilas and Nafisa Colombowama sharing their stories, asking key questions, and offering advice for parents everywhere, based on scientific research, published data and their lived experiences.  In India over a 10 year period 10,612 children have died after government vaccination programmes, around 600,000 adverse effects occur every year. Now, as covid-19 vaccine trials progress rapidly, and pro-vaccination media messaging increases, the BMC too is amplifying their efforts to promote vaccine uptake and acceptance, and combat so-called ‘anti-vaccination’ sentiments. This comes in the wake of multiple medical experts, epidemiologists, doctors, activists and citizens publicly voicing concerns about covid-19 vaccine safety issues and serious adverse events taking place during clinical trials which aren’t being paused. There is a growing chorus of parents and citizens demanding their right to medical freedom and informed consent, insisting that the government must not make vaccination mandatory for Covid-19.  Naturopath & Sales Director Nisha Koiri says, “It is my primary responsibility as a Naturopath to make people aware of the natural healing capacity of our own body, which we humans have primarily forgotten. As Gandhiji said – vaccination is a barbarous practice and it contains filth which in no circumstances should be allowed inside our God-gifted body. Mothers should pay attention because our family is definitely our responsibility, not the government’s.” “I, Sapna Chhetija, am here as a Mother to share my daughters and others’ stories of suffering by vaccines. I appeal to all Mothers to question their pediatricians for all the possible information about the science of vaccines and their ingredients. Ask them if they would take responsibility for the possible adverse effects [of vaccines] on health and life of their children. The future of our children is at stake here. I declare my and my child’s right to health freedom and our bodies. My Family, Our Health, Our Choice, Our Responsibility,” said Sapna Chhetija, member of Awaken India.  Sunita Singh appeals, “I am taking part in this event to create awareness worldwide..I would like to say to all mothers out there – not to believe blindly, and to research on their own for the health of their loved ones. They should pay attention for their own children’s future and to uncover the truth for others as well.” Replying to the Delhi High Court ruling that vaccine adverse effects should be advertised, the Government had replied, it would be difficult to meet vaccine targets if that is done because if adverse effects are known no one would vaccinate. Given the history of the polio vaccine causing paralysis in children in India and in Africa, and the rising cases of cancer and autism in children, mothers from all walks of life have come together to stand for their human right to medical freedom, informed consent, access to transparent infromation and data, and to protect their children as they deem fit. 
January 18, 2021

‘Investigating the agenda behind Covid-19 vaccines: Do we even need a vaccine for Covid-19?’

3rd December 2020: As the global race for Covid-19 vaccines heats up, citizens worldwide are being told that a vaccine is their best bet in fighting against this ‘deadly pandemic’. Yet, the prospect of rushed, experimental, and potentially mandatory vaccines is raising a lot of questions around vaccine safety, vaccine hesitancy, vaccine side effects and adverse reactions, conflict of interest between pharma and public health authorities and the looming past of swine flu and polio vaccine horrors in India and abroad. Allegations of corruption and bias in medicine, politics and media has polarised this debate extraordinarily, and citizens who are a part of the Awaken India Movement intend to bring these doubts and concerns into an open, public forum, at Marathi Patrakar Sangh, Azad Maidan, CSMT, Mumbai on Friday, 4th December at 2.00pm. News spread this week about the 40-year old Chennai-based volunteer taking part in the Astrazeneca-Serum Institute India vaccine trials who suffered from virtual neurological breakdown and impairment of cognitive functions. The victim and his family has asked for all trials to be halted immediately, drawing on the fact that this information was not properly disclosed to them before they gave consent, concern that this incident did not halt trials like international counterparts, and that the general public must be made aware of what vaccine side effects might be – especially during trials.  Citizens are shocked and appalled at the heavy-handed, non-negotiable and threatening response by SII who have slapped a defamatory charge back on the victim. It raises more questions about how Serious Adverse Events are categorized, diagnosed and reported, something which doctors and researchers have expressed serious doubt about. The WHO’s guidelines make it difficult, if not impossible, to prove causation and illnesses caused due to vaccines.  Further, it is a widely known fact that debates around vaccines are heavily controlled and influenced by pharmaceutical companies via biased media counterparts. The term ‘anti-vaxxer’ has been slapped on anyone raising these questions, such content being purged off social media, and social stigma attached to valid and scientific concerns about such issues. “Let’s also try to understand that the entire medical dialogue is being controlled by the pharma mafia, and with this I hope there is going to be a continuity in this debate” says Saraswati Kavula, Activist & Documentary Filmmaker ‘Decoded.’ The WHO has also asked for ‘flexible labelling of vaccines’ – which means only including the manufacturing date and no expiry date, to speed up distribution. The thought of sacrificing such a crucial and vital aspect of a medical product is not only worrying, it borders on criminal and shows a complete and utter lack of respect for human health and human life.  Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that vaccine manufacturers are exempt from liability in case of any adverse events or side effects from the vaccine. This raises a lot of doubts and decreases public confidence in the push for vaccination. Further, if the vaccines are not safe and a high number of adverse events are expected, why should this cost be borne by the individual taxpayer, especially if vaccines are being made ‘mandatory’ or ‘conditional’ to access services like transport, dining, work etc. In the current scenario of mass hysteria and desperation to return to normality, the public is not able to process this much information and gather to ask the right questions to the authorities.  Members of Awaken India resonate with the global confusion about how a vaccine has been developed in record time, using mRNA technology, a process never used before, for a virus that is still not well understood and is constantly mutating, and that affects different people very differently. Given that the vaccine trials are designed to succeed, what does ‘effectiveness’ of the vaccine candidates even indicate? As far as official reports go – they will not prevent infection, transmission, severe side effects or even death. In many cases, the side effects from taking the vaccine might be worse than what someone would experience if they get covid itself (as majority are asymptomatic or experience it as a mild flu). In that case, is it justified or even sensible to prescribe mass vaccination drives or mandate vaccines to the general public? This has the danger of resulting in discrimination, infringement on right to equality, and exclusion of segments of the population depending on their personal medical choices.  Research and public surveys have demonstrated that individuals have little knowledge of how vaccines work, what ingredients they contain, and what purpose those ingredients serve. There are valid and serious concerns on religious, scientific, moral and other grounds to substances like mercury and aluminium which are toxic in specific quantities, aborted fetal cells which form the basis of most common vaccines, and fetal bovine serum which is procured from slaughtered calves. Given that India is a deeply religious and spiritual country, we believe it is vital to bring this to people’s notice, and give them the option to choose whether or not they want to take a vaccine. Simply stating that such ingredients are in many other medicines and foods does not justify continuing to keep this information from the public eye and positioning it as worrying – that remains a valid action regardless of how widely these ingredients are used in other products.   Past epidemic and vaccine scandals exposed the highly controversial conflicts of interest between the WHO, big pharma companies, organisations like BMGF and GAVI, and public health bodies. Accusations included amplifying public fear, changing the official definition of ‘epidemic’, sterilisation of women, and a push to sell vaccines for financial benefits. These were fanned by the dangerous and very real ties to unauthorised clinical experiments, and historical associations with proponents of eugenics and depopulation. Rather than dismissing these as unwarranted conspiracies, we consider it prudent and imperative that these narratives are spotlighted and investigated at a time as critical as now.  The fact that there is no uproar and condemnation from doctors, hospitals, scientists, epidemiologists, public health […]
January 18, 2021

Solidarity protest with farmers & workers, for Delhi Chalo on National Constitution Day

26th November 2020:​ As lakhs of farmers from over 500 peasant organisations march to Delhi, in opposition to the 3 new farmer bills announced by the BJP-Modi govt, the authorities have deployed the Riot Police, with Water Cannons at the Delhi – Punjab – Haryana – Rajasthan – UP – Uttarakhand borders. They have been joined by trade unions, workers groups and citizen movements across the nation, including citizen movement Awaken India, who gathered at Kotwal Garden in Dadar, Mumbai on 26th November, 2020. “Today being Constitutional Day, our farmers have chosen to march for their rights and to safeguard the democracy of our country. The proposed bills will lead to deregulation of markets, further push the govt-enabled corporatisation of agriculture, and will throw open agriculture to transnational companies. This march to Delhi has undergone preparation for 3 months, but the media has not paid due attention until now. Workers and farmers across the nation have witnessed their rights being diluted, and have now risen up in the form of an indefinite satyagraha. We are witnessing a shift in politics, as various groups unite in this historical struggle,” said Feroze Mithiborwalla, member of Awaken India, Geopolitical affairs expert and president of the Bharat Bachao Andolan. Barricades have been erected at all the roads coming into Delhi. The farmers are on the march from every state from across the country. Workers in Kerala & West Bengal have called for a strike & have blocked railway lines. Despite the repression, the farmers have broken through 2 barricades and the march to Delhi carries on. Yohan Tengra, member of Awaken India and convenor of group Anarchy for Freedom, explains, “The three bills destroy the independence of Indian farmers, and facilitate the monopolisation of our food supply, in the hands of global agri-business giants and their billionaire counterparts in India. This monopolisation will make it easier for global powers to play politics with food, and deprive people and communities of nutritious, affordable food. We are also against GMO foods that lack long-term safety studies and don’t live up to their promises.” The nation is also witness to the unbridled privatisation and financialisation of nature, our natural resources and profitable public sector companies. Our national assets are being grossly undervalued and sold for a song, with more and more of our wealth being concentrated in the hands of a few families, thus leading to the growing inequality and very stark at that. Thus the top 1% of the ultra-rich possess 75% of the national wealth & the gap only continues to grow. Acclaimed scholar, environmental activist, food sovereignty advocate, and anti-globalization author ​Vandana Shiva has said​, “The real authoritarianism is the totalitarian control of a handful of corporations over our food. Corporate industrial food system is at the root of hunger & chronic diseases…It is a war against farmers & the land.” She has been actively spreading awareness about the corporates and international orgs like Gates and Monsanto pushing GMO food onto unsuspecting publics, and promoting “lab-made proteins and pharmaceuticals and industrial chemicals as “sustainable solutions” for our agriculture systems, and the dangers of new viruses and epidemics spreading from increased production of genetically modified organisms. The country is under siege and the public is being restricted in exercising their constitutional rights to gather peacefully and express lawful dissent, under the guise of a pandemic. The lockdowns, curfews, surveillance, heavy policing, teargas and water cannons are not tools to ensure public health and wellbeing, but rather to suppress people of the country and enable the government to change laws, policies and society with minimal discussion or opposition. Citizen movement Awaken India is unaffiliated with any political party, and understands that we are witnessing the advancement of Fascism, the fusing of corporate and state power, and the greatest wealth and land transfer in the nation’s history. Awaken India resonates with ​the sentiment of Yogendra Yadav,​ political activist and National President of Swaraj India, as described to NDTV, “It must be a very strange pandemic, three days ago, Deputy Chief Minister of Haryana does a rally with thousands of farmers with no masks, no social distancing – no pandemic! Bihar election, no pandemic! When farmers gather, then there is pandemic! This must be a very strange disease… This is exactly the kind of tactics the British regime used against Indian nationalists. Today, Punjab farmers are fighting not for Punjab, they are fighting for farmers all over India. Any attempt to repress them, any attempt to suppress them, any attempt to crack down on them, is a crackdown on farmers of India, we shall not forget that.” Today the Farmers and Workers are marching to take back our country, restore our Constitutional Rights, and save our beloved India from the coordinated fascist onslaught by international entities, big corporates and the central government. After organising three successful peaceful protests, and one educational public event, Awaken India joins the farmers in solidarity with their aligned causes and interests.
January 12, 2021

‘The Truth Behind the Covid-19 Crisis’ by AIM x Rebel Foundation

21st November 2020: According to Mithiborwala, the COVID-19 crisis has been put in play by big Pharma companies that are “far more powerful than governments.” He said: “We have been witnessing the emergence of a biotech industrial complex, which is basically a totalitarian and surveillance-based fascist state.”.. Lastly, Mithiborwala believes that the current lockdown being implanted in the national capital amid rising COVID-19 numbers, is targeting the national kisaan and mazdoor movement, to prevent them from carrying out their demonstrations against the recently-passed farm bills. – Gaurav Sarkar, Midday Following the success of three peaceful protests which received widespread media coverage, citizen movement Awaken India in partnership with Rebel Foundation, held a public meeting: ‘The Truth behind the Covid19 Crisis – “Jaagoge nahi, toh Jeeyoge nahi!’ at  Marathi Patrakar Sangh, Mumbai on 21st November 2020. The impressive lineup included India’s best researchers and doctors, who analysed facts, statistics, historical contexts and mounting international resistance against the government-big pharma response and devastating restrictions to the exaggerated Covid-19 ‘pandemic’. They critiqued the lopsided and unscientific government response contradictory to the high recovery rate of 99.997% for ages 0-10, 99.98% for 20-49, 99.5% for 50-69 & 94.6% for those 70 & above (US-CDC). Credible research proves that 98% of flu cases vanished from worldwide data this year. It appears 5-7 lakh deaths due to flu have miraculously disappeared, indicating both national and global death rates remain stable, and have not increased dramatically due to Covid-19 virus. The overwhelming majority of people are demonstrably safe, as fatality & death rate is also very low. These facts need to be communicated to citizens, free from media spins and hyperbole, to ensure that ‘the cure’, i.e. response measures, isn’t more harmful than the disease itself.  Awaken India demands an end to current disproportionate, unscientific, mandatory government policies on mass testing, lockdowns, social distancing, masks & vaccines.  Geopolitical affairs expert & president of the Bharat Bachao Andolan, Feroze Mithiborwala, remarked, “Covid19 is essentially a laboratory created bio-engineered flu-like virus which exhibits moderate to extreme symptoms. This design has a well documented history wherein Transnational Pharma, Big Tech & Weapons production companies, in collusion with elements of the Deep State have engineered similar attacks to further their agenda of the New World Order and the rise of the BioTech-Industrial Totalitarian Fascist Surveillance Complex”.  Ambar Koiri, an expert on alternative health solutions, emphasized that, “All traditional medicine systems (except allopathy) follow ‘Terrain Theory’ for a life full of health and happiness. Keep your terrain, i.e. immune systems, fighting fit and no germ in the world can make you sick. This can be achieved by sunlight, fresh air, exercise, rest, a 50% raw food intake and a vegan diet.” Renowned vaccine expert Jagannath Chaterjee, said, “[People] are afraid of bioterrorism. [People] think it will come in the form of a virus. What if it comes in the form of a vaccine? What do we know about the vaccine scandals that are a part of history?…The Covid vaccines are experimental mRNA vaccines being granted emergency authorization. The trials have thrown up serious adverse effects including death…Companies manufacturing them are being given legal protection. We have many reasons to be extremely wary of this vaccine that is being given as protection against a false epidemic.” Dr. Amar Singh Azad, MD Pediatrics & MD Community Medicine Director, Centre for Holistic and Environmental Health stated, “The way the present epidemic is being projected is an example of brazen politics by vested interests and not science. The way the virus has been projected and the solutions being imposed on the people are not based on any scientific evidence. Now they are preparing to give compulsory vaccination, totally ignoring the efficacy and safety issues.” 5G expert Prakash Munshi, stated, “5G is a technology which operates on millimetre waves and will have an antenna every 100 meters at very high frequencies compared to 4G. Closer the antenna, higher the radiation, higher the risk of health hazards like CANCER. Hundreds of peer reviewed studies on 5G technology have proved harm to the citizens and environment while there is not a single study to prove NO HARM from 5G radiation to citizens and environment.” Bhavya Dhavan, a mental health expert said that, “Although we do understand there exists a virus of sorts that’s making people sick, it’s evident that it’s not deadly and the word ‘pandemic’ is just being used for the sake of propaganda. History shows that pharmaceutical cartels and the WHO, with the help of national governments, propagate fear to induce panic to generate financial profits and tighten controls…. We are in a war where the battlefield is our mind”. Virr Saxena, a mindset coach, explained, “The mental health pandemic has gripped the world with more than double the rate of the virus. Have the steps that have been taken in the guise of the virus, and the fear that has gripped the world, leading to a total mental breakdown of society, justified?” Yohan Tengra, convenor of Anarchy for Freedom, a researcher & expert on the New World Order, concluded, “The choices we make now will determine whether we head into a future of total technological, medical, and mental human slavery, or into a world where human freedom and our fundamental natural rights are upheld. We urgently need to stop complying with our own enslavement and reject vaccines, 5G and everything else that harms us, & takes our freedom away”. The meeting also resolved to extend solidarity to the national call of the Farmers & Workers of India for their march to Delhi on 26-27th November, to demand their due rights. Lockdowns are being used as political weapons to crush legitimate forms of democratic dissent. Awaken India will be joining the Mumbai protests, gathering at Kotwal Garden, Dadar, on 26th November at 12.30pm. They further appeal to all people’s organisations to take to the streets and extend their active support to Farmers and Workers of India. Constituents of Awaken India will continue to strive to expose the […]
January 12, 2021

Nationwide Peaceful Gatherings against Covid-19 restrictions

November 1st, 2020: “In Mumbai, more than 100 people gathered at Dadar’s Shivaji Park on Sunday evening, and protests were also seen in Delhi, Rajkot, Ranchi, Uttarakhand, Bangalore, Kolkata and Haryana. A group called ‘Awaken India’ has been holding such protests for the past six months, since the lockdown was first implemented..Those who gathered in the city on Sunday were also protesting against “the corrupt media and various governments in the country. Speaking to mid-day, Yohan Tengra, 23, one of the protesters, claimed, “The rising number of cases is based on tests that are highly unreliable according to many experts all over the world. Doctors have criticised the Indian Council of Medical Research’s guidelines that are very broad, and doctors have the liberty of putting COVID-19 on death certificates even when the people have tested negative. Faulty tests and broad death classification guidelines have created the illusion of a pandemic.” – Gaurav Sarkar, Midday
January 12, 2021

Peaceful Gathering against Covid-19 restrictions on Gandhi Jayanti, in Mumbai

2nd October, 2020: “On Friday morning, hundreds of anti-mask activists gathered at the Marine Drive in Mumbai to raise their voice against the government’s rule that makes it mandatory to wear masks in open public spaces. The protestors questioned the mandatory mask-and-vaccine policy. They demanded that the government should end the lockdown. According to the protestors, they have the right to choose the treatment they want to get, and there should be no compulsion on them to get tested for the Covid-19 infection in any case. The protest was supposed to occur at the Gandhi statue opposite Mantralaya at 11 am, but it was shifted to Marine Drive when police took away their banners and were forced to leave. 23-year-old activist Yohan Tengra said that people are facing breathing problems because of the masks. “We are not against people wearing masks, but it should not be forced upon them,” he added….. One of the protestors that were raising voice against the mandatory mask order was Feroze Mithiborwala. He is researching the alleged New World Order for more than 23 years… he believes that the fear that is being created around Covid-19 is only to put money in the pockets of big pharma and tech companies… He alleged that N95 masks are a ‘sham’ and only create a placebo effect. In reality, according to him, wearing a mask is more dangerous as the person will breathe back Carbon Dioxide captured within the masks. He said, “If people feel they are safe wearing masks, then please do. But others who don’t feel comfortable, it shouldn’t be forced upon them.” – via OP India
January 8, 2021

Mask Mouth, Times of India, Sep 30 2020

Mask Mouth: A common dental problem that people are reporting due to prolonged use of face mask By TimesofIndia.com, Sep 30, 2020 https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life-style/health-fitness/health-news/mask-mouth-a-common-dental-problem-that-people-are-reporting-due-to-prolonged-use-of-face-mask/articleshow/78403231.cms “What is the mask mouth?If you experience bad breath after wearing the mask for longer hours, then you are not alone. Dentists are quite commonly dealing with this complaint that has become quite common these days. We all experience bad breath from time to time, but mask-wearing has made it more prevalent. Not only bad breath, but it is also leading to other dental issues like cavities, tooth decay, and inflamed gum tissue. Even people with no history of any dental problem are facing the problem of inflammation and cavities….” Read the full article here.
January 8, 2021

Face masks make you stupid

Face masks make you stupid:Why face masks are a form of dehumanisation by Patrick Fagan, originally published in The Critic, 28 July 2020 https://thecritic.co.uk/face-masks-make-you-stupid/ In Joost Meerloo’s analysis of false confessions and totalitarian regimes, The Rape of the Mind, he coins a phrase for the ‘dumbing down’ of critical resistance – menticide. “In the totalitarian regime,” he wrote, “the doubting, inquisitive, and imaginative mind has to be suppressed. The totalitarian slave is only allowed to memorise, to salivate when the bell rings.” Face masks make you suggestible; they make you more likely to follow someone else’s direction and do things you wouldn’t otherwise do Neolithic man had a similar problem dealing with his livestock. Homo sapiens’ success has relied not insignificantly on cattle – their dairy, meat, leather and manure. Yet the cow’s ancestor, the auroch, was quite a different beast. It was fast, aggressive and dangerous – hardly conducive to be corralled into predictable channels of behaviour. So, about 10,500 years ago, man started to deliberately breed the most docile aurochs for domestication. The key word here is docile, which comes from the Latin docere, meaning “to teach” (as does, say, ‘doctorate’ and ‘document’). Being docile means being compliant and following commands, which means submitting to a system of thought. Whereas animals, however, typically need to be bred to have a higher level of reasoning to be taught commands, human beings, already being quite smart, need to be dumbed down. You won’t disobey an order if you lack the cognitive ability to question it. This is particularly pertinent to the smooth running of a modern world system which relies on millions of individual souls, each with their own nuanced life history and perspective, thinking and acting in the same way. The empirical literature has shown that compliance and suggestibility are negatively related to intelligence (e.g., Gudjonsson, 1991). In consumer psychology, there is even a technique called ‘disrupt-then-reframe’: bamboozle people first and they’ll be more likely to buy what you’re selling (Davis & Knowles, 1999). Ultimately, the common denominator for increasing suggestibility is switching off executive function in the prefrontal cortex – disabling the superego, the conscience, the internal monologue. Without Jiminy Cricket on his shoulder, Pinocchio would never have become a real boy – he would have always remained a puppet. Modern society is shot through with things that make us similarly dumb (literally, unable to speak). The effect of television, for example, as Meerloo wrote, is to “catch the mind directly, giving people no time for calm, dialectical conversation with their own minds.” The mind-numbing, irrational effect of visual communication has been recognised throughout history. Not for nothing did religions talk about the word of God and forbid graven images. Unsurprisingly, empirical studies showing that watching television makes you stupid in both the short- and long-term (Hoang et al., 2016; Lillard & Peterson, 2011). This is to say nothing of pornography, which is now consumed by 98% of men but known to inhibit the part of the brain dealing with conscience and consciousness, the prefrontal cortex (Kuhn & Gallinat, 2014). Moving from circuses to bread, alcohol, of course, reduces cognitive function in the short-term (Hindmarch & Sherwood, 1991). Even at moderate levels of consumption, it accelerates cognitive decline in older age (Topiwala et al., 2017). Junk food, likewise, makes it harder to think in the short-term (Barnes & Joyner, 2012) and harms cognitive ability in the long-term (Reichelt & Rank, 2017). Fluoride has become something of a cliché of conspiracy theorists; being added to the public water supply in multiple countries around the world, ostensibly to reduce tooth decay. However, the evidence supporting the dental benefits of fluoridated water is poor, while many studies have shown it can damage tooth aesthetics via fluorosis (McDonagh et al., 2000). Many more studies have found that fluoridated water lowers the population’s intelligence (e.g., Borman & Fyfe, 2013; Green et al., 2019; Lu et al., 2000; Rocha-Amador et al., 2007; Wang et al., 2008). Which brings us to face masks. Face masks can now be added to the list of mandates that make you stupid. As if Piers Morgan feverishly promoting them weren’t evidence enough, here are the facts on why you absolutely, categorically should not wear a face mask. They make you suggestible; they make you more likely to follow someone else’s direction and do things you wouldn’t otherwise do. In short, they switch off your executive function – your conscience. A great example comes from a study by Mathes and Guest (1976), who asked participants how willing they would be, and how much they would have to be paid, to carry a sign around the university cafeteria reading “masturbation is fun” (this being 1976, doing such a thing would be considered embarrassing; these days it will probably earn you a course credit!). The results showed that when people wore a mask, they were more likely to carry the sign and required less money to do so ($30 compared to $48, on average). Meanwhile, Miller and Rowold (1979) presented Halloween trick-or-treaters with a bowl of chocolates and told them they were allowed to take only two each. When the children thought they weren’t being watched, they helped themselves. Children without a mask broke the rule, taking more chocolates, 37% of the time, compared to 62% for masked children. The authors concluded that masks “lead to lower restraints on behaviour”. The effect has similarly been found online: the online disinhibition effect refers to the tendency for people to act antisocially when anonymous online (Suler, 2004). There is even an infamous trolling movement calling itself Anonymous and using a mask as its symbol. The disinhibiting effects of wearing a mask are described by psychologists in terms of a suspension of the superego’s control mechanisms, allowing subconscious impulses to take over. Saigre (1989) wrote that masks ‘short-cut’ conscious defence systems and encourage “massive regression” to a more primitive state; Castle (1986) wrote that eighteenth century masquerades allowed mask-wearers to release their repressed hedonistic and […]
January 8, 2021

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare: Use of Mask By Public.

From Ministry Of Health & Family Welfare Guidelines: 4.1. Persons having no symptoms are not to use maskMedical masks should not be used by healthy persons who are not having any symptomsbecause it create a false sense of security that can lead to neglecting other essential measures such as washing of hands.Further, there is no scientific evidence to show health benefit of using masks for non-sick persons in the community. In fact erroneous use of masks or continuous use of a disposable mask for longer than 6 hours or repeated use of same mask may actually increase risk of getting an infection.Remember,a mask should only be used by health workers, caretakers and individuals with respiratory symptoms,such as fever and cough. The following measures ARE NOT effective against COVID 2019 and can be harmful:•Smoking•Wearing Multiple Masks
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