Affidavit by Government of India on 13.1.2022

In a recent affidavit dated 13th January 2022 submitted before Supreme Court on behalf of the Union of India which is affirmed by Dr. Veena Dhawan, Joint Commissioner (UIP) in the ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India, it is once again made clear that:

(i)       The vaccination is voluntary and no one can be given vaccine against his wish.

(ii)     No one should be required to carry & show the vaccination certificate to any authority.

(iii)    It is the duty of person giving vaccine that, before giving vaccines each person should be informed about adverse side effects of vaccines.

The excerpts from the affidavit are as under;

13…It is humbly submitted that the direction and guidelines released by Government of India and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, do not envisage any forcible vaccination without obtaining consent of the concerned individual. It is further humbly submitted that vaccination for COVID-19 is of larger public interest in view of the ongoing pandemic situation. It is duly advised, advertised and communicated through various print and social media platforms that all citizens should get vaccinated and systems and processes have been designed to facilitate the same. However, no person can be forced to be vaccinated against their wishes.

14…It is most respectfully submitted that the Government of India has not issued any SOPs which make carrying of vaccination certificate mandatory for any purpose.

19. Counselling before vaccination: It is humbly submitted that Government of India has formulated Operational Guidelines for COVID-19 vaccination. As per these Guidelines, all beneficiaries are to be informed about adverse events which may occur after COVID-19 vaccine.”

Download the affidavit here.

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