#1 NATURAL IMMUNITY: Legally & Scientifically Your Best Defense, By Court of Law


Ever since the governing bodies of the world decided to label COVID19 a pandemic, one cannot avoid thinking about Covid19 multiple times a day. It’s hard not to hear the word “immunity” in any other context besides in synchronicity with Covid19 and the word “vaccine.” In fact you may never hear the word “natural immunity” uttered. It’s presented as a half thought, as trivial and something to be ignored except when repeating the message that our way out of all this is through vaccines. Actually now the message is it’s not the way out but “a huge piece of the puzzle.”

Is that fair? Is it truly the situation we find ourselves in?
Is it a good thing to be associating a vaccine for Covid19 with “safety”?

Even if one doesn’t necessarily believe the whole story being told on the news, the message
resounds everywhere, “the best way out is through vaccination” and is generally ingrained in
most people we know. It’s become socially unacceptable in many circles to even discuss
imperfections of the vaccination program, any doubts about the virus, or questioning how
dangerous a situation we are really in is met with awkward avoidance or outright hostility.

So what about natural immunity? No one seems to be talking about or acknowledging it. If it’s so unimportant, why did natural immunity win out in at least one case so far in the United States?

When Professor of Law, Todd Zywicki from George Mason University in the USA, was denied
his proof of natural immunity instead of a vaccine pass, he didn’t take no for an answer. He filed lawsuit with the help of New Civil Liberties Alliance, a new civil rights group, against the
University for the institution to accept his natural immunity in lieu of vaccination. He won. The
University must now accept his naturally acquired antibodies as protection against Covid19.
Zywicki cannot be asked to take any vaccine.

As he states in an interview given, on CBN news, “they had to accept that natural immunity is more robust.”

In the interview he references a slew of studies out of Israel in his interview with CBN, stating that vaccine immunity is clearly falling fast and hard very shortly after vaccination, it is in fact believed to be reducing by 40% every month after being injected, requiring vaccines to be used as continual boosters every 6 months or less for continued effectiveness. If this is so, how is it okay to attempt to mandate everyone to take it? There should be billions out there now with naturally acquired immunity. Why does that not warrant its own proof of safety regarding Covid19?

Zywicki quotes some recent major study outcomes from Israel, “Those vaccinated have a 13
times higher risk of infection, 27 times higher risk of symptomatic infection, 8 times higher risk of death then natural immunity.”

The immunologist he worked with even indicated Zywickis antibodies “had been comparable to someone who had just been vaccinated.” (CBN) In his words as well as professionals who wrote affidavits for his case, “there is only the risk, and none of the benefit for the naturally immune to receive vaccines.” (Children’s Health)

So why are governing bodies ignoring this powerful, proven fact, natural immunity is better than vaccine induced? That’s yet another and even more pressing question. To answer this let’s first gain the evidence by exploring scientific studies comparing vaccine and natural immunity, the validity of these studies, and what studies the mainstream media continue to reference when attempting to have everyone vaccinated.

Along with our intensive dive, I ask another BIG question we all have to answer, why are there
sometimes many people dying from Covid19, even hospitals being overrun, if some people
believe the dangers of the virus are being blown out of proportion?
Let’s find out why we may actually want to end the vaccination program altogether and
understand why in Todd Zywickis words, “ I don’t need the vaccine in order to protect myself and those around me.”

See you next week.
A. Srinivasan

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