The largest drug experiment in history

In the last 9 months, an unprecedented number of pro-vaccine doctors and scientists have come out against the experimental spike-protein-producing shots commonly known as COVID-19 vaccines.

This historic monumental outcry, has been met with an unprecedented level of stonewalling, censorship, harassment and vicious personal attacks against scientific and medical professionals for voicing their concerns. Doctors and scientists are being deleted from social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest and even removed from Google search results.

That, my friends, is not science. That is totalitarian medical and political tyranny.

When doctors and scientists risk their reputations and livelihood to speak out, we should listen.

And we should listen to each other.

One testimony of harm from a drug could be coincidental… Thousands of testimonies are not. That is a SIGNAL which should not be ignored.

Never before in history have patient testimonials of harm from a new drug been ignored, criticized, and deleted with such ferocity and in mass. Two COVID-19 vaccine injury groups totaling over 200k members were deleted from facebook. Injury reporting groups have also been repeatedly deleted from instagram.

Question #1
Name a time in history when the people censoring information were the good guys…

You can’t.

Question #2
Tell me the 2-year, 5-year, or 10-year increase in risk of cancer, or heart disease, or autoimmune disease, or fertility issues, or neurological disease, or death from spike-protein-producing mRNA shots?

You can’t.

Because nobody knows the long-term risks of this brand new experimental drug technology. The science doesn’t exist.

The global campaign to inject every human with spike-protein producing mRNA injections is the largest drug experiment in history.

We aren’t “following the science,” we are the science.

“Safe and effective?”

Calling drugs that were developed at “warp speed”, with virtually no animal testing and only 2 months of testing on healthy humans “safe” is a lie.

“Safe” takes 10 years of testing, at least.

We were told these drugs are “effective” because  they “reduce risk of symptomatic infection from COVID-19 by 95%.”

But that 95% figure is only a measure of Relative Risk Reduction.

There’s a more important statistic that the drug companies failed to disclose in their press releases. And that is Absolute Risk Reduction.

Relative Risk Reduction statistics are a half-truths. And a half-truth is a lie.

Here’s an example. If you have cancer and a doctor tells you that a combination of drugs will reduce your relative risk of dying by 50%, that sounds impressive and you would probably say yes to that treatment. However, your doctor could also explain it like this, “Your absolute risk of dying is only 2% and these drugs will drop it to 1%.” And you would be much less likely to say yes to treatment.

Absolute Risk Reduction is honest, transparent, fully-disclosed science.

Relative Risk Reduction is statistical sleight-of-hand. It’s marketing.

Analysis of the data published by the drug companies shows that the spike-protein-producing shots only reduce your Absolute Risk of symptomatic infection by 1%.

One. Percent. Reduction.

The same data measured two different ways says the drugs are either 95% effective or 1% effective.

Relative Risk Reduction is a classic drug industry tactic to make drugs look like they work much better than they actually do and is one example of the many ways we have been deceived since the start of the pandemic.

But I’m not asking you to take my word for any of this…

Here’s what I am asking you to do:

I’m asking you to stop listening to politicians and mainstream media outlets, who are heavily influenced by pharmaceutical interests and who are manipulating you with lies and fear.

And I’m asking you to take the time to educate yourself. Listen to the medical and scientific professionals who are speaking out. And use your deductive reasoning skills and the common sense that God gave you to draw your own conclusions.

I have compiled a list of interviews and papers from doctors and scientists to help you gain a comprehensive understanding of this issue.

You’ve heard one side, now hear the other…

-Listen to French Virologist and Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier on why we should not be giving experimental mRNA shots to humans, and how they can produce more aggressive variants, reduce your immunity against them, and may even cause neurodegenerative disease within 5-10 years. Two short clips here and here.

-Listen to Dr. Peter McCollough, the most published MD in heart and kidney research in the world, testify to Texas Senate HHS Committee on how he and a team of doctors have been saving lives with early treatment using a combination of off-label drugs that doctors were told not to use. McCollough published this highly cited paper in August 2020 on their findings, which informs doctors on how to treat COVID-19. Dr McCollough also believes the shots are more dangerous than the SARS-COV2 virus. Dr. McCollough and 56 other scientists and doctors authored this paper demanding the spike-protein-producing shots be halted. This interview with him is also worth watching.

-Read the urgent plea from Tess Lawrie, PhD and her team of scientists to the MHRA to stop the shots, based on analysis of the adverse events and death data in the UK.

Listen to this interview with Dr. Robert Malone (the inventor of mRNA technology) and researcher Steve Kirsch. Both men got the spike-protein-producing shots and now oppose them. This interview was deleted by YouTube.

-Listen to this interview with Pierre Kory, MD (also deleted by YouTube) co-founder of the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance discuss how he and his colleagues around the world have been successfully treating patients and saving lives with 40-year old anti-parasitic drug called Ivermectin. 31 randomized controlled trials (so far) show that Ivermectin is highly effective for prevention and treatment. It has also been found to help with long covid cases, and even for mRNA shot-induced illness (here).

Ivermectin is the #1 solution and it’s being ignored because it’s off-patent and cheap. Get the protocol here and find a doctor online to prescribe it here. I got a prescription and keep some on hand just in case.

-Listen to Richard Fleming, MD, PhD, JD, present a masterful comprehensive analysis on all of the missteps, consequences, collateral damage and benefactors of pandemic promotionThis 4.5 hour presentation “blows up the island.” If you only watch one thing, this should be it. (Don’t only watch one thing.)

Read why a group of scientists and doctors including Peter Doshi, editor in chief of the British Medical Journal, have petitioned the FDA to not grant full approval to the COVID-19 shots.

Listen to Dr. Roger Hodkinson on why spike-protein-producing shots should not be given to children (his interview starts at the 11 minute mark).

Read this article by Kamran Abbasi, executive editor of the BMJ, on the politicization, corruption and suppression of COVID-19 science by the medical-political complex.

Listen to Professor Byram Bridle explain why the spike protein is a dangerous toxin and how the shots circulate it throughout the body via the bloodstream, which could lead to life-threatening blood clots, heart and brain damage, fertility issues, and risks to unborn and nursing babies.

-Listen to Professor of microbiology and immunology Sucharit Bhakti, MD discuss why the shots are “entirely senseless and useless” and why “every jab is potentially fatal,” how the risk of harm increases with each shot, and how spike-protein-induced blood clots damage different parts of the body. One chilling example, a clot in the umbilical vein will abort a fetus.

-Listen to immunologist and vaccine developer Geert Vanden Bossche, PhD, DVM who has worked with the WHO, the Gates Foundation, the CDC and UNICEF, raise the alarm on how the global shot campaign is driving more deadly variants.

Listen to Dr. David Martin, PhD, founder and CEO of M-CAM, which monitors patent activity, innovation and economic activity in 168 countries, give a timeline overview of some of the SARS corona virus patents (there have been over 4,000) filed since 1999 and why the SARS-COV2 coronavirus was not novel (new). For example, Pfizer first filed for a spike protein vaccine on January, 28, 2000. U.S. patent # 6372224. Dr. Martin first raised the alarm about this research in 2001. His analysis of the players involved and the paper trail is astounding. I suggest you take a look at his Fauci/COVID-19 Dossier as well.

Whew! I know that seems like overwhelming amount of information to digest, but believe me you need to digest it!

Scroll up and dig in.

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