December 23, 2021


This groundbreaking book outlines the hidden harms from 5g, Wifi and Cell Towers and How to Protect Yourself. You will learn just what EMFs are and how they work. How the science proves that EMFs are dangerous, as well as how companies and government agencies have conspired—and continue to conspire—to keep this science hidden. Exactly how EMFs damage your body. How to repair the damage that has already occurred.How to curb your EMF exposure and reduce your risk of incurring future damage. Reading this book may be challenging at times: Some of the information is highly technical. I aim to make it as digestible as possible. While some of it may be upsetting, this book will empower you to make choices that will lead to your improved, long-lasting, and radiant health.It is imperative that you begin making those choices now, because if you wait for the telecommunications industry or the government to protect you, you will be waiting for far too long. There is simply no more time to wait.
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