An Assessment of Covid-19 & the Failed Global Health Policies of the WHO


In early 2020, Australia, and indeed the world, collapsed into a lockdown prompted by the World Health Organisation in its
designation of Covid 19 as a pandemic.

What began as “2 weeks to flatten the curve” quickly morphed
into a year of intermittent lockdowns, a loss of freedoms and liberties, the decimations of SME’s, irrational restrictions,
unadulterated government surveillance, an endless state of
emergencies, the rise of the police state a totalitarian grand
stride towards medical fascism and a technocratic dictatorship as well as the end of civil society as we know it.

What happened? How did we get here? Where are we going? What does this world of the “New Normal” hold for not only Australia, but the human civilisation? How do we navigate this reality and not only survive but thrive?

The Global Health Organisation, in collaboration with the
Australian Patriots Alliance, the World Solutions Foundation,
the QuantumPrism Foundation, Ikighais Pty Ltd and other concerned institutions (the Initiative) have commissioned this
report in effort to gain an insight into what is going on; the why, they how and the WHO!

Further, the report will offer solutions to current concerns, as well as ways for interested parties to position themselves to thrive and
win in the new society bound to emerge from the ashes of this
dying world.

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