AIM Statement – Jacob Puliyel Case Supreme Court Order

A landmark judgement upholding our fundamental rights under article 21 and 14 and equating right to health to right to life under article 21.

Proud to be Indian.

First time in the world our Supreme Court gave decision based on Science, smashing the false narratives of Bill Gates vaccine mafia.

  1. No submission nor any data has been put forth to justify restrictions only on unvaccinated individuals when emerging scientific evidence appears to indicate that the risk of transmission of the virus from unvaccinated individuals is almost on par with that from vaccinated persons. To put it differently, neither the Union of India nor the State Governments have produced any material before this Court to justify the discriminatory treatment of unvaccinated individuals in public places by imposition of vaccine mandates. …. in light of the data presented by the Petitioner, which has not been controverted by the Union of India as well as the State Governments, we are of the opinion that the restrictions on unvaccinated individuals imposed through vaccine mandates cannot be considered to be proportionate, especially since both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals presently appear to be susceptible to transmission of the virus at similar levels.”

12.  Point 89 – Conclusions –

(v) – ….In light of this, restrictions on unvaccinated individuals imposed through various vaccine mandates  by State Governments / Union Territories cannot be said  to be proportionate. ….. we suggest that all authorities  in this country, including private organisations and  educational institutions, review the relevant orders and instructions imposing restrictions on unvaccinated  individuals in terms of access to public places, services  and resources, if not already recalled.

(vii) Recognising the imperative need for collection of requisite data of adverse events and wider participation in terms of reporting, the Union of India is directed to facilitate reporting of suspected adverse events by individuals and private doctors on an accessible virtual platform.

These reports shall be made publicly accessible, without compromising on protecting the confidentiality of the persons reporting, with all necessary steps to create awareness of the existence of such a platform and of the information required to navigate the platform to be undertaken by the Union of India at the earliest.

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