June 13, 2021

California Doctors Dr Eric and Dr Arthur debunk the COVID-19 Narrative in early 2020

These open minded physicians were the first to strike the covid-19 narrative and exposed how real science was not just virology but a mix of various other fields which helped people understand the true science about our immune system. They presented their own data and conclusions to the current over reaction which was initially recorded by the WHO , CDC and other corporations incharge . Youtube quickly deleted this video as the truth is stronger than the lies they present to us. Everything that they talk about can be verified via independent research.
June 13, 2021

Clarification on Mandatory Vaccination to buy Term Policy

Based on the media reports of Covid Vaccination being made mandatory to buy/avail benefits of Term Policy life insurance products, AIM sought clarifications from the CEO of Tata AIA Life Insurance - Mr. Tahilyani. He confirms his commitment to constitutional liberties in not making Covid Vaccination mandatory for availing any of its product benefits .
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