This treatise is meant to be read by various Indian Government departments and other establishments directly responsible for formulating or enforcing Covid-19 preventive measures. This treatise has eleven parts marked A till K.Part A gives a background of the circumstances that compelled the author to write this treatise.Part B lists scientific studies on ineffectiveness of face masks. Only high-quality peer reviewed research published in reputed journals are referenced.Part C points out flaws in studies referenced by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) to support masks.Part D gives opinion of medical practitioners on harmful effects of face masks.Part E gives empirical evidence of the harmful effects of face masks.Part F describes the current actions taken by International Health Organizations, Indian Government and Indian Judiciary with respect to usage of masks.Part G highlights media censorship on masks.Part H describes international court rulings on ineffectiveness of masks.Part I summarizes this treatise.Part J appeals to government authorities to make masks optional for adults, to ban it for underage children and to inform the public on their harmful effects.Part K is an annexure of key orders of Government, high-quality scientific studies that prove the ineffectiveness of masks and Right To Information (RTI) replies of various arms of Indian Government. Post Views: 7,079