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  • Case Laws to Use Against Police / In Court for Common Sections used by Authorities
    1) In Satish Prakash Jaiswal versus state of maharastra case judgement in high court of Mumbai inPara 3 – Sections under disaster management act are bailable 2) In Dr Santosh Kumar Patel versus state of Chattisgarh case no 2020 SCC Online Chh 141- FIR under section 188 of IPC and Sec 56 of Disaster Management act by police is not maintainable. FIR and investigation illegal. 3) In supreme court of india suo moto writ petition 2021 SCC online SC 376 – Supreme court directed police to avoid arrest of accused and in offenses punishable upto 7 years, conduct investigation by issuing notice 4) In supreme court case of Munawar vs sate of MP2021 3 supreme court case 712 –If guidelines of SC in Arnesh Kumar case are not followed and instead of investigation by issuing notice, if the police officer arrests accused then he should be released on bail. 5) Para 80 bail matter should be heard by the Judges by keeping all the cases in hand. 6) 2,50,000 compensation for not giving bail in Police station in bailable offence
  • Legal Notice To Serve to Anyone Mandating Vaccines/Testing in India
    To find an editable word copy of this document, click here
  • Legal Notice To Serve To Local Public Authorities
    To access the editable word file, click here
  • Masks: Pore Size
    In an RTI to ICMR-National Institute of Virology (NIV), Pune, it was queried as follows:“What is the pore size of the standard as well as surgical masks?” Please find the RTI response below:“Pore size of standard surgical mask and N95 mask is 0.3 – 10 μm & 0.1 – 0.3 μm respectively” Please find the Full RTI details in PDF below:
  • Notice Submitted to BMC Commissioner and Asst. Commissioner
    An intervention letter has been filed to:Shri Dipankar DuttaHon’ble Chief justiceBombay High Court by Ambar Koiri, National Steering Committee member on behalf of AIM for 2 writ petitions PIL no 84 and 85 of 2021,which was converted to PIL by High court. But till date such important and life affecting petitions are not heard. Mumbai high court Cheif Justice Shri Dipankar Dutta is sincerely requested that your goodself may be pleased to direct the registry that the above mentioned PILs are taken up without fail this week.
  • Covid Testing: Data of Symptomatic Cases and Potential of Injury
    This RTI shows skew of asymptomatic vs symptomatic cases and acceptance of ICMR that frequent testing can lead to injury.
  • Covid 19 Vaccines: Consult Doctor & No Compensation
    Consult Doctor for concerns with Covid Vaccination and no compensation for adverse events following Covid Vaccine.
  • Covid 19 Vaccines: Clinical Trials Ongoing
    Covid 19 vaccine clinical trials are still ongoing for conclusion of results of complete safety, immunogenicity and efficacy"
  • Covid 19 Vaccines: Clinical Trials in Post Disease Individuals
    No Clinical trials for vaccines in post diseased individuals